Activate Your Goal Setting Magic Plan:

#You have it inside of you; you have already many times heard this repeated "You already have what you need inside of you". Yes, you already have your Magic Plan activate it think, write it down with goal setting.

1).You will use Your Goal Setting to Plan to write down your life short-term and long-term goals. One month up to three months and six months to one year goals. This is just to jump start your goal setting Magic Plan off to see your written list crossed off as your goals are achieved. If you are not use to goals setting this will start you off to get an idea and to practice until it becomes a skill. After, a while with practice this will become your talent to get what you need and desires met. Also, by having a written list of your goals will help you to manage your time daily.

When you manage your time daily the task of the day will get done. The goal of the day is to complete your tasks of the day this will allow you to become more organized and feel accomplished. When you know your day was more organized with structure and order this will provide more freedom in your life for leisure.

Usually, you can get at least 7 things done on your list from experience and have 8 hrs of sleep. Of course the challenge is up to you to see how many things you can accomplish in a day and get the proper rest and stay healthy.
Ex. I started my daughter setting her goals in elementary school and since then she has completed high school. Now, married for 23 years with 3 children which two are in college which my daughter completed her college and specialized in CIS with a B.S. enhanced career skills in CIS with obtaining a Masters as a Project Manger. Also, she served our Country in a Military Branch and after getting out served in the reserves completed. You get the idea steps and goals in achieving the American Dream

2). Use Goal Setting to Achieve your Fast Track and Save Time: You will less likely go in circles in your life because you would think it out. You can write down your steps like a blue print to a house and keep filling it in the foundation Dreams. You get the idea! You need to know not just to think about your goals but again you have heard it “write your goals down" Also, you will achieve and accomplish your goal as you go over them and keep track of your pace.

Above, I mentioned fast track because as I went to Paralegal School to get Paralegal Credited Certification ABA had a choice. I could choose to go and accomplish goal and complete studies in one year or go and get Paralegal complete studies in 6 months. After, weighing advantages and disadvantages by writing goal down I selected fast tract and compete in six months.
Ex. Like when you study for a review over your test when you want to pass the exam. So, your test is to study and review your goals make them Active. This is when your Magic Plan of results will happen just for you. Your Dreams will come true.

3). Complete your task: which you have written down this is like setting your clock. Now you are dealing with time management and time management is your future. As time passes you complete then cross the task off your list daily. Remember each day is your gift your present to live life and complete your goals. The process which you take in order to obtain your goals set before you is to measure to complete. Your start time like a race you will run is when you get up in the morning. When you are allowed to get up in the morning focus and get in tune with you day mentally. I make sure I stretch, refresh myself in the morning with a shower or bath and daily mediation alone. Regardless, of how I am feeling that day I know I have to be up to meet the challenge. We have to meet the challenge of having our hierarchy of needs food, shelter and clothing. These steps will assist you to reach your financial, material and health goals three, five and ten year goals for the rest of your life time. The 24 hours we have in a day will work for you to reach your goals and conquer your challenges in life.

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Bio: Articles By: Patricia Ross Kaplan College Paralegal ABA Certificate; Kent State Branch Stark County A.A. Kent State University B.A. Marketing Degree Plan; Canton Business College; Art Institute of Dallas Video & Broadcast Production
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