We spend one-third of our lives on our bed. So, it makes sense to go for a comfortable queen size bed and an excellent mattress even if it costs quite a bit.
Not everyone may have the budget to go for a state-of-the-art mattress. Nevertheless, here is a way to make sure you get the best one that is available within your budget:

Do Your Research Well and Stick to your Budget
Now that you have bought your queen size bed online, determine how much you want to spend on your mattress before shopping for one. This way you will stay in your limits and not spend too much. Run a search on the different brands and types of mattresses and make your decision before browsing through online or offline stores. Also check where you can find better offers or deals before jumping into anything.

Decide on the type of mattress
Many manufacturers or retailers of wooden queen beds may try to sell you different types of mattresses that have dozens of names. However, the basic types are only a few:

  • The Memory Foam or Tempur-Pedic Mattress: A memory foam mattress tends to mold to the shape of your body when you sleep on it. It offers adequate support to all parts of your body. It applies even pressure to the different points of your body while you sink in it. However, such mattresses tend to get warmer during the course of the night. Therefore, this may not be the right choice for you if you are a person who needs a cool sleeping surface underneath.
  • Sleep Number Beds: These mattresses contain inflatable air pressure chambers, whose firmness can be adjusted as per your needs. You can even tilt it up into a reclining position, if you want to watch some TV or read a book before going to sleep. If you can find one that has different chambers on both sides, you can adjust the firmness levels separately, for you as well as your spouse. Nevertheless, these mattresses are fairly on the expensive side.
  • Firm vs. Plush: While buying a queen size bed online, you may often find mattresses termed as ultra plush, plush, firm and extra firm. The ultra-plush is the softest while the extra firm is usually the firmest of the mattresses. If you are looking for something in between you could go for a pillow-top mattress or a cushion firm mattress that comes with additional padding on the sides.

Try it before you buy it
This may not be possible if you are trying to buy a mattress online. However, if you are okay with paying a visit to the retail outlet, you can definitely give it a try and find out if the mattress is comfortable enough for you. Lying down on the mattress for 30 seconds is not going to tell you if the mattress is comfortable or not. It is better to ask the sales person for a test pillow and then try sleeping on all the mattresses in the position that you normally sleep. Take some time to relax and settle down on each mattress before you make your decision on how it feels. Always start with the high-end mattress that you can find in the store and then work your way down. It is all about striking the perfect balance between comfort and your budget. In case you are visiting an online store, make sure you find out the thickness of the mattress before you buy one.
Most furniture stores that sell wooden queen beds also sell mattresses. If you run a search on queen size bed online in India, you might get a list of such stores. Go to each one of these, look at the options, compare the prices and then make your decision.
If you can afford it, a sleep number bed would be an ideal choice for a healthy sleep. You can go for one sans the pillow-top or fancy control so that you end up paying lesser. You can always buy that pillow-top at a local store in a much more affordable way. You can even buy an extra memory foam layer if you think your mattress is too firm.
Make sure the mattress you buy fits perfectly into your queen size bed!

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