HSV or herpes simplex virus infections are among the most common infections throughout the planet. Herpes simplex type 1 or HSV – 1 is known for causing herpes infections at lip and mouth area which are also called fever blisters and cold sores.

Herpes simplex virus infection

It can be transmitted through contact such as kissing or by sharing utensils that come into contact with the infected area. There are also cases wherein HSV – 1 can lead to genital herpes but Herpes simplex type 2 (HSV – 2) is the most common causative agent for genital herpes.

herpes simplex virus 2 (HSV – 2) is generally transmitted through sexual contact. It may seem like you are not infected because you are not showing any symptoms but the virus can be asymptomatic. These symptoms are often triggered by illness, immune system, emotional stress, menstruation, fever and exposure to the sun.

Until now, there’s still no cure for the virus and it will surely come back even after staying dormant for a while. There are also people who experience an outbreak once and never experience another one ever again. But that doesn’t mean they’re not infected. The virus can lay dormant in between outbreaks inside your never cells but they can become active again any time.

HSV – 1 infection is very common and at least 90% of adult Americans have encountered the virus and having cold sores should not come as a surprise. HSV – 2 (genital herpes), though, is often a cause for shame and embarrassment.

While there is still no cure of genital herpes, the infected person can still take certain measures to prevent passing on the virus to other people and still live a normal romantic and sex life.

Majority of herpes infections are not fatal but there are certain instances such as infections in people who are immune-compromised or infections in infants, or infections to the eyes that can be fatal.

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