Many people think that western boots are reserved for cowboys only. There are a number of men who have never ridden on a horse and still own western boots and they look great in them. However, western boots can sometimes be very tricky to wear. Consequently, this is the reason why some people hesitate to wear them. The evolution of these boots is interesting. They evolved as safety footwear to a wide range of current offerings. They were initially used to servicemen in the cattle industry. They later became a staple of western footwear.

In this article, I will talk about their features and help those men who have been waiting to wear them but haven’t figured out how.

Features of Western boots

Each western boot has a distinctive feature. The funny thing is that each feature has a purpose. Some of them include:

Long shaft

This feature exists for a variety of reasons. Most western boots have no laces. This is the main reason why long shafts exist. The length of the shaft helps in holding the boots in place but at the same time allow the boot to come off easily. The reason why western boots have no laces is to allow a safe fall from the horse. In case the rider falls off from the horse and his shoes are caught, the lack of laces will allow the boot to pull off simply from the rider’s body weight.

Pointed Toe

This is another feature that is equally important. It allows the rider to slip his foot simply into the stirrup. When mounting and when alighting, the pointy toe allows easy pullout and removal of the foot from the loop of the western saddle.

The roper

In a riding race, the rider is not only required to ride and rope a calf but also must slide off their horses and run to tie it. The shaft is shortened to make it more comfortable to run quickly.

Tall heel

Men rarely wear heels. But in this case, this feature is required. Most of the cowboys ride young and unpredictable horses and the high heels are needed here. They prevent the foot from sliding forward in the stirrup. In simple terms, they provide a greater degree of stability and control.

Western boots have become increasingly popular. After they landed in the American soil, bootmakers dedicated their time to craft boots that are distinctive from others. They wanted them to dominate the market and bring back the cowboy style.

Western boots have become so popular among men and women. They are developed uniquely for each gender. The boots are mostly worn with jeans. In regard to the color and fit, men would want to wear dark and close-fitting jeans with western boots. They also match well with collared shirts and a hat. If you are going for a stylish look, then you can match western boots with the typical cowboy shirt. However, you should avoid wearing western t-shirts and opt out to wear buttoned shirts.

A cowboy hat is a must-have accessory to complete the look. However, you will have to consider two characteristics that include shape and material. There are two common hat materials which consist of either straw or felt. Felt is the most expensive hat material.

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