Yesterday morning I found a beautiful little dog that someone had dumped on the sidewalk down the street from our house. The little dog had water and food and would not move from that spot because he was so afraid and it was starting to rain. And I was walking our two small dogs when I saw him and I said to God… “If he is still here when we get back from our walk I will take him home”.

And when we got finished walking he was still there, so I took our two dogs home and drove down and picked him up and took the new dog home. “Spanky” that is his new name is very thin… and will take some time to recuperate and let go of all his fear.

All Beings are Sentient

Every single being… be it an earthworm, or a dog, a cow, a parrot, a fish, or anything else feels just like we do. They feel pain, they have moments of joy, they have fear, and they like to play like human beings like to play.

Even a Single-Celled Animal Will Respond

If you look at pond water under a microscope and see all the single cell animals running around… even they respond to heat, pain, acids, food and more. Deep down in their nature, they have built in all they need to survive and thrive. And they have consciousness in the most basic form.

Animals Even Morn the Loss of Their Loved Ones

Even lions, elephants, dogs, and other animals mourn the loss of a loved one. We had a large dog who was very old and passed away. And our other little dog missed him dearly and mourned for a very long time.

Being Mean to Animals Creates Negative Karma

It’s talked about in all the spiritual texts that anyone who is mean to another being accumulates lots of negative karma. And that negative karma will come to them perhaps not in this lifetime but in some other lifetime. Thus we have more negative karma to go through to finally reach enlightenment.

Animals Gathered Around All the Great Teachers

There are many stories of Jesus, Buddha, St. Francis of Assisi, Ramana Maharshi, Paramahansa Yogananda, Divine Mother Amma, and others who would have animals come to them and gather around. These animals came to them because they feel the great one’s peace, their inner joy, their freedom from anger, anxiety, and hatred. And every one of them talked about the divine qualities of animals.

So the next time you see a little dog that needs help… reach out.

Make a difference in the life of someone who needs you.

Many Blessings to Everyone!

Dr. Paul Haider

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