Hair transplants are the most common transplants nowadays. Millions of people use fue hair transplant to get hair back on their head even if they have been bald for quite some time now or if they got newly bald. FUE stands for follicular unit extraction, and it is a non-surgical transplant. It is a straightforward and easy method of transplanting hair, and it also doesn't have any negative or bad reaction to the scalp as the treatment doesn't involve any foreign elements. This treatment consists of a surgeon extracting hair follicles from your densely haired area on the scalp (or any other part of the body) and then sowing them in the scalp's bald area so that they grow like natural hair.

Who can get FUE?

Many people ask the question about who can take advantage of this treatment. The answer is that almost everyone can get FUE treatment. Here are some kinds of people and situations in which FUE treatment is useful;

1. People with receding hairline: if you are suffering from receding hairline or a hairline that is gone backward, you can get FUE treatment to restore the hairline's hair. No other treatment can bring back hair in such a situation. So the best option for people suffering from receding hairline is to get a fue hair transplant in Lahore.

2.People who are starting to bald: if you are in your early balding phase, you should get FUE treatment before your balding condition worsens. Fue treatment not only brings back hair on your scalp, but it also brings stronger hair than before.

3.People with half-hair loss: half or partial hair loss is worse than complete baldness because half your head has healthy hair while half of it is bald. You lose your confidence and the charm of your hair. In such situations, FUE is the best option because it can bring back hair to cover your partial baldness.

How Is FUE Transplant Performed?

Like any other treatment or procedure, FUE treatment also has some steps that should be followed if you want the treatment to yield good results. FUE is a simple, three-step procedure that is very easy to understand. So, let us go through the steps of the FUE hair transplant.

1.Extracting the hair follicles: the first step is collecting the hair follicles or grafts from the donor (where there are healthy hair follicles) part of the scalp or any other part of the body (like chest). The follicles are extracted by a skilled professional who makes sure that the donor area doesn't get scared or that the patient doesn't feel much pain.

2.Preparing the recipient area: the second step is about readying the recipient area and making very small cuts on the scalp in the direction of natural hair. It is important to plant the hair in the natural inclination. Otherwise, the hair once grew; they will not look natural.

3.Replanting the hair follicles: the final step is to plant the extracted follicles to the recipient area. A skilled surgeon transplants those follicles with care and caution without disturbing the scalp's natural hairline. The whole replanting process looks as if a gardener is sowing seeds in the ground so that plants grow out of it.

Recovery Time of FUE Hair Transplant:

Those were the three easy steps of FUE. You will agree that the procedure of FUE s very easy but, another good thing about FUE treatment is that fue hair transplant cost in Pakistan is very affordable. Anyone can get this treatment done without spending too much money.

After the procedure, there is recovery time, which the patient should observe to keep his head safe and to ensure that he receives maximum advantage out to the treatment. You can't do anything harsh with your head for almost a month because your scalp is vulnerable. You can't go out in the sun, can't wear a cap, can't swim, can't work out for a month, and can't work for 3-4 days.

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