Prescription drugs are the most sought after way of treating anxiety. Sadly, in order to realize the benefits that these medications offer, it's normal that you will also have side effects associated with the medicine, to contend with as well. And prescription medication for treating anxiety can also be quite dependable.

Diet, Sleep and Lifestyle

Failing to eat three healthy meals each day can be reasons that contribute to your Panic Attacks. Your body and mind depend on the nutrition in the foods that you eat, to sustain their healthy balance.

If you are not currently eating green vegetables and dairy products with your meals, adding them will provide your body with the magnesium and calcium that's needed.

Panic attacks can also be caused by alcohol and coffee; if these are part of your daily activities, limit the amounts you ingest each day. These small steps can go a long way in your mental and physical health.

That's because, even in small amounts, alcohol can disrupt your metabolism.

Sleep is essential to our mind and body's performance. Without enough rest, the body's stress levels become elevated; when this occurs, panic attacks may eventuate.

Taking control of the stressful situations that are present, and forming techniques for managing them, will also help you to learn how to deal with anxiety without medication. Having found the core of your anxiety, you need to form positive ways to change it.

If you are feeling too much pressure at your job, for instance, it will be helpful to request assistance with dealing with your work load. Stress that originates at home may mean that you need to allow yourself some quiet time in solitude. It's important to remember that when you're having difficulty dealing with your anxiety, you should not hesitate to enlist others' assistance. Nowhere is it written that you must deal with this stress alone.

Learning How to Relax

Knowing how to deal with anxiety without medication also involves acquainting yourself with a few techniques to relax. Prayer, meditation, yoga, deep breathing, and visualization techniques are all exercises to help the body and mind remain calm. The vital element that holds all of these methods together is the ability to provide a venue for the mind to focus and calm down in a separate reality from everyday troubles.

One of the most important relaxation technique is the art of positive affirmation. This is particularly helpful when you're in the midst of an anxiety attack. By telling yourself that you're going to be alright and in control can help you get through it.

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