The significance of engineering student’s training is increasing day by day as the working force of an organization is the main reason behind the growth and the development of an organization. Training is crucial for all fresher as well as working professionals. With training the knowledge, skills and confidence of an individual can be enhanced.

Today's almost every Engineering & Professional graduate programs in India involve training as the crucial part of their curriculum with an objective to boost the knowledge of the students on different cutting edge technologies which have become important part of respective industries.  In this article we will discuss some of the facts about training for engineering students.

  • Objective of the training: The main of this training is to provide exposure of the corporate world practice. Training for engineering students has traditionally been weighed as a potent grooming of the professional career of a fresh engineering graduate and it is the common method of the harvesting skilled
  • Importance of the training: It is the crucial approach to expose students to real work life situations and to equip them with the necessary skills that intensify their job acumen. This type of training program or training related program can be continuously improved through formal review and evaluation of its outcome.
  • Assessment of the training: It can be described as:
  • Awareness of the social, cultural, global and environmental responsibility as an engineer.
  • Capability to communicate effectively
  • Understanding of the importance of sustainability and cost-effectiveness in design and developments of engineering solution.



  • Benefits of the Training: Some of the benefits of the training are given below:
  • Gain experience working with live projects
  • Understanding of how to apply and implement the theoretical knowledge in the form of technical skills in real industry situations.
  • Get knowledge of actual programming skills, coding, developing, and testing skills that are required in an individual to work in an industry.
  • Transformation into technical sound professional from a fresher.
  • It keeps you updated as there is a continuous need to upgrade and update yourself every time, and get aware about latest skills and techniques, in- depth knowledge of some of the most cutting edge technologies.
  • Outcome of the Training: It can be described as:
  • Ability to acquire and apply fundamental principles of science and engineering.
  • Ability to recognize, formulate and model problems and find engineering solution based on a systems approach.
  • Ability to conduct research in the chosen fields of engineering.
  • Ability to be a multi-skilled engineer with good technical knowledge, leadership, management, and entrepreneurship skills.
  • Capability and enthusiasm for self-improvement through continuous professional development and life-long learning.
  • Conclusion: It is the concluding fact that training is helpful for students because this program significantly improves their 'Communication skills', 'personal attitude', and 'Work attitude'. The experience gained from training sharpens the business acumen of the students and open the doors of better employment prospects.
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