Nowadays women are accommodated of full time schedules, stressing burden and disputes, inevitable works for monetary development etc. Women like us are about to deteriorate the cheerfulness and blooming feeling of their youth It’s time to rejuvenate and eclectic the beauty inside us and amend the old you. Here are some tips and admonition we can do with stress free and time savvy

We are considered as the lighting flare of the house in general role. But how can we intimately flicker the real light on us. Natural beauty was spitting in the distance and here are some disclosures for us.
Moisturizing and Toners are the ones that lights and enhance the silky moisture on our skin and 40% women doesn’t give a glance on its effect and a Facial mask to release stress and for acne prone/sensitive skin.

Facial Masks
How to:
1. Deliberately squeeze out your face mask make sure your face was clean
2. Use your finger tips to spread and coat in proportion to your face and neck
3. Leave it for about 10min or sometimes others required it overnight
4. Remove with warm water and pat with clean dry towel

Recommendation: Proactiv Refining Mask, Neutrogena Pore cleanser/Mask
Natural Tips: Glicerin Oatmeal with honey, Yogurt, Apple/Tomato with honey and lime juice

How to:
1. Clean your face with facial wash or mild soap with warm water and pat with clean dry towel.
2. Get yourself a cotton ball, saturate it with your toner and gently pat over your face and neck
3. Apply moisturizer

Recommendation: Clinique clarifying lotion, Neutrogena pore refining toner, pro active revitalizing toner
Natural Tips: Rose water toners, Green tea toner, Apple with rosewater toner are best for oily skins

How to:
1. Clean your face with facial wash or mild soap with warm water and pat with clean dry towel.
2. Use your fingertips to lightly apply the moisturizer with right amount and balance it on proportion. But too much rubbing can produce dark circles.
3. Let it dry for about 2-3 minutes

Recommendation: Olay regenerist SPF15, Clinique Moisturizing Gel, Cethapil Moisturizing Cream
Natural Tips: Apple with Honey moisturizers, Yogurt with honey, Banana with honey the more ripe the better.
Body Lotion/ Sun block
How to:
1. After taking a shower dry your body until toe.
2. Squeeze a exact amount of body lotion preferably it should be mild and combined with moisturizer for more soft and overwhelming skin and in day time make sure your lotion is on Spf35 up
3. Let it dry for 2-3min

Recommendation: Neutrogena Sun block Lotion spf55, Giovanni Hydrate Body lotion, Nivea smooth sensation Body Lotion
Natural Tips: Coconut Milk with oatmeal

“The hardest challenge is to be yourself in a world where everyone is trying to make you be somebody else. Light the flare of your beauty that no one can define and bloom like no anybody else.

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