Yesterday a young lady was playing my video and this took place.

After presenting my video yesterday on Youtube I received a very nice email from a young lady. She told me she had a gift for me… and she did… I was surprised myself. She emailed me this photograph that she took of her computer screen and my image on her screen while I was talking on Youtube… and beside my image is a very distinct spiritual orb of energy.

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We can transmit energy to other places, our spiritual energy can be out there in the world helping others. Personally, I place a lot of my spiritual energy into my videos so it’s not surprising to me to see an orb there by my video. Anyone can do this… and we do this all the time with prayer.
Prayer is transmitting our energy out into the world and thus we are there to help others anywhere in the world. Also, meditation opens us up to these spiritual abilities and allows us to expand our capabilities and express caring and love to anyone in the multiverse.

Distances of any kind mean nothing to spirit. As we know with entangled matter… if one part of entangled matter (perhaps a few cells of tissue) is changed another part of that matter thousands of miles away will change at that very same instant. This is miraculous! And it shows that we are all part of a great and all-inclusive ONE.

Don’t be surprised if your energy is being transported to help those you care about. Remember the old saying “I am there in spirit”… it’s real, as real as real can get.

Remember “Believe and All Things are Possible” it all depends upon our faith.

Many Blessings to Everyone!

Dr. Paul Haider

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