There is no doubt about the fact that teaching has become a popular career option among undergraduates, fresh graduates and qualified fresher’s. The esteem, privileges, and perks involved in the profession are huge. But like other technical and creative fields, teaching too needs proper training and guidance sessions.

An educator is believed to be a guide, friend, and philosopher of little learners. It is her/his responsibility to help a child in her/his physical and cognitive development, boost academic performance, and inculcate values and discipline that molds her/him into a cultured, civilized and erudite human being. An elementary education course is ideal for teaching trainees and apprentices to get the requisite training before kicking off in a real classroom setup. The course will equip and empower them with guidelines, tips, theoretical classes, and hands-on education with latest learning modules.

A synopsis of the course structure and curriculum

The elementary teacher education program curriculum is curated extensively on the belief that it is vital for learners to not only acquire theoretical lessons and knowledge, but also to enhance that learning with hands-on practical experience.

Other benefits of the potent theoretical and practical combination will facilitate teaching aspirants to excel in any classroom setting. Learners who are graduates and have no prior experience in the field of teaching will find the course on elementary education to be extremely beneficial. They can choose from certificate or diploma elementary education course. The later is a better option considering the fact that it is comprehensive and covers latest and all learning modules.

The diploma course hones the skills of the candidates at the basic level. It starts from scratch with various learning modules that strengthens the fundamentals and develops interest among the candidates to embark on new challenges. It will help them gain a firsthand knowledge on elementary teaching, manage classroom efficiently, integrate fun elements in lessons, and handle toddlers in a better way.

The curriculum of the program revolves around theories and concepts such as childhood and growing up, education society and issues, work and education, English pedagogy, contemporary society, leadership and change, social culture and cognition, school health and education, diversity and education, cognition sociocultural context, fine arts and Education and much more. These are fundamental learning modules which is necessary for apprentices to work with little learners.

Apart from the core learning modules, learners will get exhaustive lessons on soft skill development and qualities needed to become a successful elementary teacher. It includes oral communication skills, being competitive, and time management, strictness, developing a strong personality, and building relationships with children.

Teaching of apprentices in an elementary education course is a combination of theoretical and practical sessions. While the theoretical sessions include bookish lessons and instructional materials, the practical sessions revolve around hands-on training and interactive training under the guidance of expert faculties.

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