Discovery of a round object called wheels has significantly influenced our day life. No one could even imagine about transporting tons of loads on earlier days? No doubt it has only become possible due to wheels!!! However, the wheels have altered the entire scenario today and turned out to be a style statement for all car owners.

Here Anthony Constantinou share some basic facts:

A rim is the outer-edge of the wheel that holds the tire and makes an outer circular design which in turn is used to mount inside edge of tire. I know you would be aware of this basic fact, but have you thought off those key essentials that are responsible for steadiness of your car rims?

If you haven’t then let me tell you that you are at the right place, as we will be focusing more on Pros & Cons for the wheels made up of Steel or Alloy!

While selecting it’s really being a problematic situation for every single human who is going for a replacement or buying new pair of rims. As the market is stuffed with ample number of rims such as: Iron, Aluminum, Chrome, Steel, Alloy etc. etc...

Which one to opt amongst so many??? It's so confusing.....

A long debate, discussions and taking reviews & feedbacks from experts and people, there are 2 names that have squeezed them out to be on top of the category of Rims....

The 2 names 'Leading the Race' are Alloy & Steel.

Further determination of best amongst these two is also quite difficult because of their equivalently balanced characteristics!!! Actually both have their own list of pros and cons that we’ll know briefly…

Let’s know how steel wheels are significant for you cars?
No doubt, steel wheel are composed from one of the most durable & strongest material on Earth which is the top reason of people’s interest meant for steel wheels… there are more as:

Durable: it can be driven through various terrains without causing any issue.

Reasonable: price of steel wheel is relatively 50% to 60% lower than alloy…isn’t it amazing???

Heavy weight: Majorly in heavy trucks, SUV and passenger cars steel wheels play a significant role. Even its added weight provides better controlling while driving at snow.
Well, cons are the identical side of any object hence necessary to illuminate:

Heavy weight: Yes I know this point has already been discussed above as advantage but let me tell you being heavy weight metal, it decreases the acceleration… that means extra efforts would be required to reach your desirable speed while driving on a regular highway!!!!
Limited varieties: Steel wheels incorporate very less variety of size hence lack of customization options.

Less appealing: they are not alluring and eye catchy as well.

As we know how much aesthetic appeal matters for a car owner. This is the reason Alloy wheels are getting more attention these days…

After steel wheels lets discuss how Alloy Wheels are better?

Actually alloy is a compound metal made of aluminum & magnesium that’s the biggest strength of alloy wheels, beside they are…

Light weight: It improves the acceleration performance therefore you can boost the speed as per your own desire.

Rust free: Alloy wheels have a great advantage that they are free from rust and corrosion issues.
Weather effect: remains evergreen on all weather without getting affected.

Customizable: this is the thing I personally love about alloy wheels… they come up within different color, shades and size, hence let you customize it well.
As such there as few still some cons about alloy wheels too!

Costly: Expensiveness is a huge barrier in front of alloy wheels. However for real car enthusiast this cost doesn’t matter.

Not good for heavy vehicles: towing trucks and SUVs cannot use alloy wheels.

So, it's quite clear that Steel and Alloy wheels both have their own characteristics and price factors, hence it’s totally up to you which one you would you like to opt for your car!!!

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