Decades ago, there were only few ways of consuming cannabis. Traditionally, grinded cannabis dry buds were rolled into a joint. A bong was used as an alternative as well. However, with advances in vaporizer technology, there are now numerous products for consuming cannabis, each featuring a different method. These include starter kits, vape pens, vape oils, disposable vaporizers. The countless options available in today’s market can be quite overwhelming for the average consumer.

This article addresses why dry herb vaporizer is the optimal way of consuming cannabis, and how a cannabis vaporizer can save you money in the long-run.

First, the advantages of a cannabis vaporizer over bongs and joints should be explained. Operating a bong, joint, or pipe requires the combusting of cannabis dry herbs. In plain language, you set the plant on fire, releasing gases that contain THC (Tetrahydrocannabinol). Effectively, the THC travels to your lungs through the air you breath, eventually entering your bloodstream. At the end, you are burning a plant and inhaling every chemical, good or bad, it releases.

As you might imagine, this is not ideal for your lungs, throat, and oral health. Along with the THC, burnt plant material releases harmful gas. Not only are the gases’ chemical properties harmful to the body, the temperature of the gas is also high. This is why you sometimes burn your throat when smoking. This can be moderately alarming, but smoking joints and bongs are not fatal. The human body is incredibly adaptive. Veteran smokers often develop a tolerance to hot temperatures, effectively numbing any throat pains when smoking. This is not a life or death situation, but if you want to enjoy THC in the healthiest way possible, using a vaporizer is the optimal option.

Instead of combustion, vaporizers function using vaporization. Rather than burning the dry herbs using a lighter, the plant is gradually heated using a heating element. This is similar to putting weed in an oven. When marijuana heats up, the plant starts to break down, releasing THC into the air. You inhale the THC in the air, similar to how you would smoke a joint. However, with vaporizers, because the cannabis is not burning, inhaling carbon dioxide gas is not a concern. As a result, the air is also much cooler, not hurting or damaging the user’s throat. Besides these advantages, another notable advantage of a vaporizer is efficiency. Smoking a joint is inefficient, wasting of a lot of precious weed. When left unsmoked, the joint burns unattended and releases the THC into the open. In respect to vaping, the THC stays grounded in a small volume of air within the vaporizer chamber, which is available at your convenience to inhale.

The main factor driving consumers away from purchasing vaporizers is the cost. While high quality dry herb vaporizers can be priced at anywhere between $100-300USD, using a vaporizer will use less cannabis for the same effect, offsetting your investment. Some popular vaporizers include DRAY by Mig Vapor, PAX 3, and Arizer Air vaporizers.

In summary, dry herb vaporizers are a great way of saving money and avoiding harmful gasses released from burning marijuana herbs. This article highly recommends using a vaporizer to enhance your cannabis experience.

Author's Bio: 

Victoria Kimberly (B.A) is a recent graduate in the journalism program at Ohio State University, working as an editor and social media coordinator at Blaze4Days.