The Free Dictionary defines disciple as “One who embraces and assists in spreading the teachings of another.”

We teach by example, whether we’re doing it consciously or not. Our words and actions have a real impact on those around us.

If we’re clear about what we want to represent in the world, our impact can be that much more effective. We can make a positive, lasting change in the lives of many.

A Disciple of Love

I am a disciple of Love. I want to share it’s power and wisdom with everyone I meet.

Love is at the core of all the major world religions. It’s the essence of the teachings of countless spiritual leaders.

Yet I find that Love itself, as a path to freedom and salvation, has not yet gathered the clear attention of the masses.

It’s time for us to focus on Love as the way forward.

Love will guide us to a peaceful, joyful future where we re-align with Nature’s bounty and live in harmony with all creatures large and small.

Love is the key to unlocking our full potential. It unleashes the infinite possibilities that exist in every moment.

Mindful and aware, we can create heaven within our own minds and hearts. The world around us is simply a reflection of what we are experiencing in this inner realm.

Kindness and compassion, affection and gratitude, even common courtesy ~ These practices provide a welcoming environment for Love to flourish within and expand exponentially.

Are You a Disciple of Love?

If you agree that Love is like a super power, I ask that you become a proud disciple of Love.

If you believe that Love is capable of healing much suffering and liberating many souls, I invite you to join me in sharing its virtues with everyone you know.

If you trust that Love will ultimately guide us to an ideal society, spread its message of hope and light through the example of your life.

Commit to the discipline of Love. Seek instruction in the ways of Love. Train yourself to practice Loving behaviors consistently.

Exhibit self-control with the goal of living Love in mind. Decide to practice Love on a daily basis.

A Living Example of Love

Enjoy each breath. Embody Love.

Be present in the here and now. Demonstrate Love’s eternal strength.

Let Love guide your behaviors in each moment. When making decisions, ask your internal Love compass to point you in the right direction.

With awareness and caring, we can respond to the needs of those around us.

My parents taught me that it’s possible to truly Love your neighbor. To find out more about their amazing work, please visit

A simple smile goes a million miles. Smile at yourself in the mirror. Smile at every person you encounter.

Show Love in your relationships. Talk about Love. Devote time to it. Learn everything you can about it.

If you want to be a disciple of Love, please join me at Love School,

Thank you for reading, sharing and living a life of Love.

Author's Bio: 

Meet Mary Anne... She's always Loved Love.

She's a practicing student of Love and has taught the subject in her books and on her blog, "The Love Post" since 2014.

Now that she's a wife and mother of two beautiful little ladies, she's more determined than ever to teach others how to use Love to transform their lives and have a positive impact in the world we all share.

Mary Anne offers her knowledge and wisdom in a practical, easy to understand way so that you can start improving your life immediately, with Love as your guide.

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