Be mine. That printed phrase on candy hearts reads so sweetly. How thrilled and happy does that message make you feel? The ringing telephone. The words of endearment. The promise of acceptance is enough to make most hearts melt like the candy itself at the thought of it.

But there is sadly often a swift and certain change in affection that delineates the difference between having your heart captured and having it be held hostage to a partner’s Emotional Abuse. Once the narcissist is secure in his knowledge that your heart is squarely in his grasp, you feel the squeezing pain in your chest that you are not being held gently and lovingly but that you are in the desperate grasp of someone who has no self-identity.

Emotional abuse amounts to little things that chip away at your own self-esteem that build up to finding yourself trapped in a full-blown narcissistic ambush.

He promises you are special. That no one ever understood him the way you do. All others who went before in his relationships turned out being bad choices, liars, hysterics or manipulators and, even worse, deserved his Emotional Abuse. But not you. Then, when the thrill of the chase is over and your ego has become dependent on his approval, the narcissist pushes you off the pedestal and begins telling you the many ways you have failed to meet his expectations. The phone stops ringing. He accuses you of being too needy or demanding. This form of giving only to take back, keeping you on the hook while owning no responsibility for him is Emotional Abuse.

Most experts advise to sever any relationship that involves abuse. But the incidence of narcissistic abuse is so prevalent in our society, unless you examine your own behavior; how you might be feeding the cycle as a co-dependent, you will bring this unconscious behavior into future relationships. When there are children, co-mingled finances or other assets involved it is extremely difficult to “just leave.” And let’s face it, by the time it takes a relationship to deteriorate to the point of Emotional Abuse, for most couples it is too late to leave in any way but messily and traumatically.

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