All the years of our life, we use and misuse our joints. Result - Unhappy joints which leads to Joint Pain and Back Pain. Unhappy joints can be a pain! They restrict our range of motion, limit our flexibility and make us scream at the slightest movement. While there are many therapies available to counter attack the problem, the best solution that experts recommend is - the mobility and strengthening of joints.
Knee pain is a common joint ailment that most people experience at some point in their lives. The pain is mild for many. However, for many others it can be very severe forcing them to limit their daily activities. In either case, it is highly advised not to ignore the pain and discomfort which if left untreated can develop to a chronic ailment.
AsthiJiavk oil and Paste has been utilized for quite a long time by lakhs of individuals and has created supernatural results. Asthijivak oil and Paste is a home grown treatment, 100% safe, which is made of extremely uncommon and significant medicinal plants found in the Himalayas.

ASTHIJIVAK with HERBS :- Asthijivak is unadulterated ayurvedic item. This oil and lep made by numerous herbs of himalaya like Akarkara, Nirgundi, Gawarpatha, Ajwain bloom, Paan leave, Matti and Amrit Dhara which gives warmness to the joints. Asthijivak is an Ayurvedic Treatment Specially for Knee Pain.

Ayurveda utilizes the awesome information of sages assembled by persevering investigation of nature and human body. The outcome is a therapeutic framework which is protected and beyond any doubt. Ayurveda utilizes just herbal concentrates and natural subordinates to keep the essentials of body in adjust. Other than recommending what and how to take if there should arise an occurrence of an illness, it likewise exhorts on a way of life to keep a disease and manage a cure. It is an entire logic for prosperity for brain, body and soul.
What are the Signs and Symptoms of Knee Pain?
Constant or severe pain is an obvious symptom. Some of the other signs and symptoms of knee pain, which may vary depending on the ailment, include:

1. Pain, when you walk, bend or straighten your knee
2. Inflammation or swelling
3. Instability
4. Popping noise when you bend or straighten your knee
5. Inability to straighten or flex your knee fully
6. Stiffness
7. Inability to bear weight on your knee
8. Deformity

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Asthijivak is a miracle of Ayurveda developed over time. It is a herbal and 100% natural product that not only soothes knee pain, but also cures the musculature to support the knee. This one of a kind glue and oil is comprised of a plenty of regular fixings consolidated together from Himalaya. The selective thing is that every herb works emphatically because of its own one of a kind quality.