Astral projection and remote viewing are known to be two popular psychic abilities that some people are able to enjoy. However there seems to be some confusion between the two and often they get mistaken as the same thing when in fact they are quite different.

Below I will explain exactly what astral projection and remote viewing are as well as steps you can take if you wish to experience these great abilities.

What is Remote Viewing?

People who possess this psychic ability are able to view things from another place or time that the majority of us would not be able to see.

Psychics with this talent have been used to help the police, the military as well as the intelligence community because of their special gift of being able to see clues that help solve mysteries.

This is in fact a very popular subject that has been researched for hundreds of years. The fact that in the last sixty years major establishments have been working with psychics who possess this skill is an incredible breakthrough.

Information has been able to be provided through remote viewing regarding police cases, government work as well as detailed information about research being done in other countries.

Not everyone is a believer but for those who have experienced the uncanny accuracy of details that certain psychics have been able to provide, there is no denying that this ability is real and extremely useful to society at large.

What is Astral Projection?

This ability is far more common that the above and is able to be experienced by many people. It is when your mind travels to another place and you feel all the sensations of being at that place.

For example:

Say you are sitting at work in the freezing cold air conditioning and your mind begins to travel to a sunny, warmer location such as Hawaii. This is different from a simple daydream as you begin to feel the warmth of the sun, the humidity in the air and the smell of the ocean. Your mind travels and your senses kick in and allow you to literally experience that destination. The results are your feel warmer, happier, calmer, more peaceful and no longer bothered by the fact that you are sitting in a cold room at work.

If you can take your daydreams one step further and master the art of astral projection you can literally tune out any time you like and create your own little escape that will not only make you feel better but also energy and rejuvenate you as well. This is ideal for any person who suffers from stress, hectic schedules or unhappy situations.

How To Mater These Skills

With practice both of these skills can be developed and achieved. However if you would like a little help brainwave audios such as binaural beats are known to help you achieve the exact right brainwave frequency for each of these abilities.

Binaural beats help your brain to produce low frequency levels that are associated with deep relaxation and meditation as well as conscious awareness and awakening. If you combine listening to brainwave audios while working on these abilities you can achieve great results in a very short period of time.

It has been shown that a person who is experiencing psychic abilities has a brain frequency level in the mid to low delta frequency range. Therefore by listening to a binaural beats recording that is programmed for you to experience that exact frequency range you can experience altered states of consciousness that you may not have ever thought possible.

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