Are you a Restaurateur? Have you recently opened your own food chain? Don’t know how to invite people to visit your restaurant? All these confusions will be sorted once you have a proper plan prepared in your hand. It means that you should prepare a step-by-step guide according to the aims and objectives you have for your food business. This tactic will help you to work systematically and all your issues will be solved from time to time.

Serving the best food in your vicinity should be your major aim, but this doesn’t mean that your restaurant should be filled every night to attract your customers. To drive your target customers to taste the food you offer at your Brighton restaurant, you only need to do a little extra promotion to make people aware of your newly opened food business.

Here are few easy and efficient ways to get more customers to your restaurant in order to build your loyal following. Let's have a look.

• Leave smart flyers- What are smart flyers? They are similar to normal flyers, but the main purpose of distributing these flyers is offering discounts, coupons or some freebies to the people who’ll visit the restaurant to taste the food and beverages offered by you. The customers can avail the offer by showing the flyer at the time of making payment. Make sure that you do not annoy your target customers by sending them the flyers quite often.

• Create partnerships with local businesses- Consider connecting with the local businesses in your area and initiate conversation with them. These local businesses might help you drive a large number of customers to your restaurant.

• Offer discounts- Give people an extra benefit to visiting your restaurant for the first time. The benefit may be in the form of a flat discount of 20 percent or more, two for one deals, coupons and vouchers that can be redeemed at the next visit or you can offer free drinks or appetizers on the basis of minimum purchase limit.

• Offer happy hours- Most of the people quickly get attracted towards the happy hour offer. This offer makes them excited to visit a place because they feel that happy hours lead to more discounts and happy pricing. This technique may increase your sales during the dull time, i.e. slowest time of the weekdays. The best combo deals you can offer during happy hour can be appetizers and drinks. People usually love having drinks with their friends with some appetizers. It is the best way to attract a large number of customers to visit your newly opened restaurant.

• Organise big events- The events like New Year eve, Christmas bash, sporting events, Valentine's celebrations etc. are great to take advantage of. People look for the places on such occasions to celebrate with their friends. If you also host events like these by offering best services to the clients will surely increase your customer base. Make sure that you add something promotional to that event so that a large number of people can plan to visit your restaurant to avail the offers listed in the promotional offer.

• Host your own events- Being a new place in the area, you can consider hosting small events like cooking classes, wine tastings, competitions and other such things to attract a number of new customers to check out the new place, environment and above all food. But make sure that you do an efficient promotion at least a month before hosting the event so that people come to know about the event and they can get the time to plan a visit. Consider using social media platforms, word of mouth and hoardings to promote your event at your own place. Also, add something exciting to the offer so that people could not resist themselves attending the same.

• Send birthday emails- Consider asking the details of your customers in the visitor's book so that you can send them the future offers and deals on either their contact numbers or via emails. Ask them to mention their birthday/ anniversary dates to avail extra discount at your restaurant. These little offers will excite them and you will get more customers attracted to your restaurant.

Try out some of these ideas to drive maximum customers to your restaurants and evaluate which one is working best for you. Double down those ideas and start enjoying more business thereafter.

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It is also possible that around your restaurant’s vicinity, there are businesses that get an order for catering for events like birthday/anniversary parties or any other celebration. Maintain healthy relations with such business owners to create an ongoing revenue stream for your restaurants in Brighton.