Current worldwide research indicates that ear candles function as an energetic modality comparable to the fields of reflexology and acupuncture. These modalities encourage healing as the body shifts from a sympathetic to a parasympathetic state within the autonomic nervous system (ANS). Many practitioners believe that this shift in the ANS enables healing within the ear, sinus and lymphatic systems.

The vortex pattern occurring inside of the ear candle in conjunction with the warm compressed air into a highly stressed nervous system initiates the flow of energy, that serves as a catalyst that shifts the body into a relaxed state. This encourages the lymphatic system, sinuses, and Eustachian tubes to begin healing itself. This shift in the human body’s autonomic nervous system from a sympathetic to a parasympathetic state is well known in the fields of reflexology and acupuncture.
With the ear candle inserted into the ear, the heat from the flame creates a stimulating, soothing, warming effect. The mechanics of this process are energetic in nature. Adding heat to the system, especially in such a subtle way, results in a stimulation of lymphatic drainage (swelling goes down); in burning off excess mucus in middle and inner ear, sinuses and nose (breathing improves); in increasing mobility and effectiveness of the white blood cells (improved immune response). Ear candling strengthens the bodily systems by balancing the energetic system.

Everything is energy. Matter is an expression of energy and all interactions are energetic. Matter is changed as a result of changing energies. Ear candling strengthens and purifies the energy fields of our body with its vortex energy that implodes through our bodies. With each treatment building upon the residual strength of the previous treatment, aberrations of clarity in the energy field cease to exist and there are increased levels of health with a greater sense of feeling balanced in clients who receive frequent treatment (Webb, 1993). The hollow ear candle delivers the qualities of heat, dryness and lightness, into the physical body through the vortex as it spirals down towards the body.

In terms of processes, our nervous system is the electrical system of the body and it connects the brain with the organs that relay signals with short electrical impulses. This spiral vortex initiates the flow of energy through this system. When this energy is properly cycled through the body’s systems it can cause a release of physical properties, this rising energy is stimulated by the body’s response to the vortex’s energy.

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