Sibia Medical Centre is dedicated to care, prevention and treatment by latest patient tested methods. Sibia Medical Centre is primarily a No-Surgery Clinic dedicated to treating various diseases without surgery. What started as a small service to mankind has now turned into a wave and the clinic has treated patients from not only various parts of India but many different countries also.
When you have doctors from Sibia Medical Centre by your side, you need not have to think about the painful triple bypass surgery endeavour anymore. We are proud to change this surgical procedure with Artery Clearance Therapy.
• This procedure is designed for patients with failed bypass or angioplasty results.
• Some patients are not fit for these surgical norms, and for them, this ACT treatment is very suitable.
• If you have already tried medicines but in vain, then our ACT therapy is what you should be eyeing for.
• After going through some serious researches, we are proud to introduce ACT to our needful patients.

Contact Person:Dr S.S Sibia

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