Ayurveda: The complementary medicine

Ayurveda can serve as an excellent complementary medicine to the current medical system that you have chosen. Since Ayurveda has minimal or no side effects it can be used side by side with any other treatment that you might currently be undertaking. That is to say, if you check with your physician he will most certainly make sure that there is no problem with combining his allopathic treatment with an ayurvedic treatment. In diabetes for instance there are many recommendations from ayurveda beginning with formulations that have worked for hundreds and thousands of years (Ayurveda is approximately 5,000 years old). These recommendations have been used in hospitals in India for many years and have cured millions of people. Shouldn’t you give it a try?

Ayurveda not only can give you a quick fix remedy and herbal preparation for your particular disease but it will also go to preventing the disease (which most medical systems do not go into any depth as to how to not fall into these ailments again). We can make excuses and blame disease on biology or heredity but that does not mean that we cannot take steps to take care of the problem. It would be much wiser to stop the disease before it happens. To see that improper digestion is a big part of the problem. When we do not digest our foods they become toxins and as we usually ingest processed foods this makes the digestive process much more difficult. When we fail to digest foods toxins are created which then in turn start to form disease. Why wouldn’t we want to avoid this? Why shouldn’t we take care of the problem before it happens. In many things in our lives we take precautionary steps in order to ensure that for example we will not be late on a bill that might affect our credit. Why don’t we do this with our health. Our health is the most important thing we have. Without health you can do nothing. Without health you cannot function. The reason that we do not take it seriously is because we have always taken it for granted until we fall ill. Then we worry and make promises to ourselves that we will change but we fall back into the same habits and patterns that we have created since we were born. Let us have the courage to change that now. Let us realize how important our health is to us and take a responsibility which belongs to us. Let us make the small changes first and begin by making sure that we drink at least 2 liters of water per day. How else would our bodies be able to rid ourselves of waste and toxins? How else do we expect to function properly if we do not give our bodies the tools it needs for healthier living and functioning. As you make changes in your lifestyle you will notice the difference and it is precisely in this awakening to a healthier life that you will make the complete change in your lifestyle. Because this change benefits you in many ways, makes you look and feel better, makes you perform better in every way, and because it is good for you. It seems so simple to state and to say that we will but we will only have ourselves to blame later is we do not take care of the problem starting today. You can learn ayurveda and complement it with any medical system. The choice is yours and the outcome is always something that you yourself created. Be Well 

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