Bach flower remedies can help to treat some emotionally distressing states. They are derived from various plants and flowers and were developed by Edward Bach, a Harley Street doctor, in the 1930s, who believed that:

'Disease will never be cured or eradicated by present materialistic methods, for the simple reason that disease in its origin is not material.'
(from Heal Thyself)

Each of the thirty-eight remedies relate to negative states of mind. Dr Bach arranged these into seven emotional groupings:

- Fear
- Loneliness
- Uncertainty
- Over-sensitivity to influences and ideas
- Despondency or Despair
- Insufficient interest in present circumstances
- Over-care for welfare others

Within these are the Twelve Healers, the twelve Bach flower remedies describing our essential nature and characteristic behaviours – who we are!

The remedies help the body to heal itself and treat the root of the disease, which Dr Bach believed were negative moods and conflict within oneself. The flowers are boiled or steeped in a bowl of water in direct sunlight to prepare a 'mother tincture'. This is the concentrated essence of the flower, which is then diluted before personal use, and suspended in a solution of water and brandy.

Listed below are some of the negative and positive character traits associated with each personality type along with the remedy best suited to treat it.

For example, Agrimony can treat those who hide worry behind a jovial and cheerful appearance. This remedy can help to restore some contentment to the individual. The Centuary remedy can help to bring out more assertive and confident traits in someone who tends towards servitude. The Chicory remedy is helpful in bringing out a giving and generous side to one who is inclined towards self pity.

These are just some of the thirty eight remedies which Dr Bach developed, but a full list of remedies can be found at Remedies can be taken directly from the bottle if required instantly, or diluted into a glass of water instead.

If possible, one should aim to work consciously with the remedies. If you do not experience a change in your emotional state then you should check which remedies you are using and trust your intuition. The Bach remedy can be modified daily if taken in a glass of water, for instance, or in extreme circumstances, even hourly.

Working with the Bach flower remedies holds a mirror to our psychological and emotional states. They help us to understand how we respond to change. We can find a way to work with problems and difficulties. Individuals and their emotional conditions are central to the experience and process of healing.

There are also nineteen Bach flower remedies for emotional reactions to traumatic events and seven Bach flower remedies for chronic conditions. For more information you can visit, where all the flower remedies and associated personality traits are listed.

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Healing Herbs Ltd prepare the mother tinctures in a natural environment, on perfect sunny days, using the trees and plants which are healthy and in full bloom. It was set up in 1988 to prepare Bach flower remedies to the highest standards, according to the original directions of Dr Edward Bach. Healing Herbs Ltd is run by Julian Barnard, who has been involved with the remedies since 1976 and is known internationally as an essence maker, author and teacher on the subject of Dr Bach and his flower remedies.