The raw materials of the palace-grade tea cyanine show its noble bloodline. During the long journey of Puerh tea industry, it can withstand thousands of tea friends tasting, not restless, not pretentious, years like Zen, and the world love tea friends. As one of the regular products of the Bajiao Ting, it is a good tea with a classic taste and worthy of collection.

The raw materials of the palace level collide with the Bajiao Ting with more than fifty years of experience in making tea, creating a different meaning for its aged fragrance. Good cooked Pu, the more brewed to the back, the more pure and elegant the sweetness of its tea soup, light and leisurely, the palace of Puerh in Bajiaoting will promote tea tasting to a higher level of sensory enjoyment, aged fragrance reveals, brown color, jade Fine brews, as luxurious as jade.

The high-quality Puerh tea can be used for drinking as well as a valuable collection. The Puerh King in the court is a piece of Puerh tea as a tribute, so "Dream of Red Mansions" has the sentence "It is extremely thin and white to pick the core from March, which is called the tip of the hair, as a tribute, and the private sale is allowed behind the tribute." The civilization from ancient times to modern times is auspicious, which can be described as: "The royal family is more valuable than gold."

The selected Menghai high-quality sun-green tea is carefully fermented, and the shape is tight, the thickness is moderate and even, and the gold is revealed. After brewing, the soup is red and bright, and the taste is sweet and mellow; the aroma is rich and it is a very good cooked tea.

The first bubble, the color of the soup is red and bright, the taste of this bubble tea has not been completely dissipated, the aroma is pure and high, the tea soup entrance is smooth, the soup is thicker, the sense of glutinousness is obvious, the sweetness is more obvious, slightly raw, the mouth is sweet Relatively high, with aged fragrance at the bottom of the cup.

The second, third, and fourth bubbles, the soup color is red and thick, the soup feels thick and smooth, the smoothness of the entrance is increased, the layers of tea rhythm are obviously felt between the cheeks and even the throat, the aroma is rich and full, the sweetness is deep and lasting, and the aftertaste is obvious .
Fifth, sixth and seventh bubbles, the soup color is red and bright, the taste is mellow and smooth, the entrance is soft and sweet, the overall coordination is good, the throat also has a lasting and significant sweetness and comfort, and the bottom of the cup has an aftertaste.

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