Every day our way of living is changing rapidly. Simultaneously, our urge of a more gorgeous and cozy kitchen is getting deeper. But, what's about the cost? We need everything altogether – comfort, luxury, and yes, low maintenance too. This is the reason behind the growing popularity of wood alternative cabinets such as bamboo kitchen cabinets. It is true that wood substitute cabinetry can't beat the natural appeal of real wood, but it possesses a bunch of benefits. These benefits have made a remarkable change in the marketing trend. People are taking more interest in wood alternative cabinetry than natural wood.
Let's have a look at the market graph since 1999.
What's the Market Saying?
Cabinet DIY has observed market trends since 1999 and found a remarkable shift from natural wood to wood alternative materials. In the year 1999, people preferred Oak with cottage stain; it shifted to natural or clear Maple in the beginning of 2000. In the mid part of 2000, textured white HDF was on demand. Mid-toned RTA kitchen cabinet started dominating the market from 2001 to 2007. 2008 was ruled by Dark Maple. 2014 witnessed Grey Maple's popularity. In the present years, painted wood has become the hot favorite.
Why people are getting inclined to wood alternative kitchen cabinets? The answer is simple – its multiple advantages. Let's check them out!
Appealing Look
These days, it is quite impossible to identify which one is real wood and which is not. Alternative materials offer a number of colors and species, which can replicate the appeal of real wood. Due to the advancement of technology and innovative applications, alternative wood products have achieved a more authentic appeal.
Unique Designs or Style
A wide variety of RTA kitchen cabinets is available in attractive styles and designs. In most of the cases, the wood grain of these cabinets give the impression of a real wooden door. You will find the joints reinforced with cope and Stick joinery, Tenon joinery, Double Dowels, and Mortise Tenon Joinery.
Reasonable Cost
Wood alternative kitchen cabinets save a lot of money you could spend on kitchen renovation. A kitchen renovation requires a huge amount as you have to do everything once again. If you want to make your kitchen more comfortable and appealing, you can do it by installing kitchen cabinet as well. As an outcome, you will get a brand new look of your kitchen without renovation!
Once upon a time, people were a bit hesitant over the replica wood products mainly because of their durability. Now, most alternative wood products are standard in quality, resistant to heat, scratches, and scuffs. You will find the laminate less faded even years after.
Microbial Protection
RTA kitchen cabinets are imbued with antimicrobial protection that minimizes disease transmission in hospitals, homes, schools, and other organizations.
Care & Maintenance
In this modern era, we all are competing with the time; our life has become much busier. No one has ample time to maintain the kitchen cabinets. Therefore, people have become inclined to wood alternative kitchen cabinets. It is really easy to clean these textured laminate cabinets. Just wipe the cabinets with a clean cloth and you will get it done! You can use a mild dish detergent to wash away stains from your cabinets.
Well, the benefits of wood alternative kitchen cabinet do not end here. You can give your old cabinet a more gorgeous and new look with a couple of unique and creative ideas:
• Paint Your Kitchen Cabinet
Do you want to exercise your creativity? Then, it is the best way for you. Paint your old kitchen cabinets to give your imaginations an abstract form.
• Use Led Lights
To bring a new appeal, you can install lights in proper places above your cabinet. You should try multi-colored lights to create a perfect ambiance.
• Use/Replace the Wallpapers
Wallpaper is an amazing tool to give your kitchen cabinets a new look. You can add or replace wallpapers to complement your kitchen cabinet in the best possible way.
A Final Takeaway
We all love the appeal of natural wood. But, price and maintenance issues do not allow us to cherish our love for wood all the time. Wood alternative kitchen cabinets are meant for those people who want to furnish their kitchen with wood, but can't make it out of budget or other issues. Why don't you fulfill your dream of a gorgeous kitchen cabinetry when everything you want is within your reach? If you've not considered wood alternative cabinetry yet, go with the market trend and get it installed!
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Every day our way of living is changing rapidly. Simultaneously, our urge of a more gorgeous and cozy kitchen is getting deeper.