What is a Banzhang?

  Banzhang is one of the most well-known production areas of Puerh tea in contemporary times. It is located in the deep mountains of Bulangshan Township, Menghai County, Xishuangbanna Dai Autonomous Prefecture, Yunnan Province. There are the old Banzhang, big and new in the industry.

What is the old Banzhang?

  Old Banzhang is recognized as the "king" of Puerh tea in Puerh tea industry. Planted in the tea forest is the large leaf species of Bulang Mountain. Most of these high-quality ancient tea gardens are located in the original ecological dense forest. The unique ecological environment has created the unique taste of Lao Banzhang's strong tea and strong and domineering. The pursuit of hilltop lovers.

What is the new Banzhang?

New banzhang is adjacent to Old Banzhang and is about 7 kilometers away from Old Banzhang Village. Because the ecological environment is similar to Old Banzhang, its tea trees are thick and ancient, and are associated with forests. The tea produced has good quality, strong tea flavor, and strong mountain charm.

What is a big Banzhang?

Big banzhang is a Banpen in a broad sense and is an iconic tea-producing area of Puerh tea in Yunnan. It is composed of many different tea-producing villages, including Old Banzhang, New Banzhang, Laoman'e, Weidong, Manuo, Manxinlong, Hekai, Guangbei, Banpen, Bakamen, Bakalong, Mengban, Zhangjia and other villages. These villages are collectively called Big banzhang tea area. It can be said that the entire Big banzhang tea area is a characteristic Puerh tea production area formed based on the old Banzhang.

The tea production villages in the Big banzhang tea area have basically the same natural environment such as latitude, longitude, altitude, climate, and soil, and their geographical locations are also very similar. Among them, the old Banzhang, the new Banzhang, Laoman'e, Bakayan and Bakalong are the five natural villages under the jurisdiction of the Banzhang Village Committee, next to each other in turn.

  Because the natural factors such as climate and soil are basically the same, the tea leaves produced by each village are very similar in appearance and taste, and have the common characteristics of "strong and strong". The Big banzhang tea area is essentially a small production area in the Bulang Mountain tea area. The tea production is limited. It is very popular because of its excellent quality and scarce quantity.

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