If you’re beginning in on any home improvement project, your initial concern is, of course, the price. After all, projects like custom bathroom renovations are expensive, right? It turns out, you may have some great, budget-friendly options available to cut down on those costs and get the renovated bathroom that you want, for a price you can afford.

JXF Painting Service has some suggestions for cost-saving that you can consider:

Use Wall Tiling
When it comes to lining the walls of your bathroom, tiles are the cheapest, most easily maintained option. Tiling is less expensive and more durable than wood by far and can be combined with tongue and groove boards or other wooden accents to create a great atmosphere. Drywall can be added to the tiling to create a smooth, seamless look.

Floor Tiling
Beyond just the walls of your new bathroom, tiles are also a superior material for bathroom flooring. You can select a tile pattern to match the walls and make sure to note the exact measurements of your floor to avoid buying more tiles than you need. Combining multiple colors of tiles is a great way to add character to your flooring.


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Blerina Laska