While everyone loves watching a beautiful bride get married to the love of her life, what people appreciate more is a courteous bride (who is in love). More than likely, you’ve caught a glimpse of the television show “Bridezillas” which focuses on how rude and ugly some brides can be. If you are planning a wedding, make sure you don’t allow yourself to become this way! Below are a few tips for showing how genuinely courteous you really are (you’ve already got the beautiful part down!).

1. Make Your Future Mother-in-Law Feel Special. Yes, we know…many future mother-in-laws can be annoying and overbearing at times. However, try to keep in mind that for a couple decades this woman has been the consistent woman in your fiancés life. Therefore, it should be understandable that your wedding is a bittersweet moment in time for her…she’s letting her little boy go. So, why not make her feel special? Many brides let their fiancés walk their mothers down the aisle and seat them before they stand and wait for the bride. This is one gesture that your new mother-in-law will greatly appreciate.

2. Reserve Space for Flower Girl and Ring Bearer Parents. More than likely, you will have a flower girl and a ring bearer in your wedding. If these children are young, then be kind and reserve a place towards the front of the church for the parents of these children to sit. This way they can record their little ones coming down the aisle and watch them as during the ceremony. This is also convenient in case the little ones need to sit down in the middle of the ceremony.

3. Treat the Bridesmaids and Groomsmen. Many brides focus on themselves during their wedding. While this is your event, it’s courteous to think of those who are sacrificing their time and money to be with you and your fiancé on this special day. Consider paying for your bridesmaids to enjoy a massage or a facial. You can show groomsmen how much you appreciate them by paying for a round of golf for each of them.

4. Last Minute Decorations/Errands – There’s no doubt that the day of the wedding will be a blur for the bride and everyone else involved. Some brides are unable to decorate their reception area until the morning of the wedding, therefore, it’s vital for bridesmaids to be available to help at this time! Additionally, there are going to be unexpected errands that will need to be done whether it’s getting a new pair of hose for the bride or going to the florist’s to pick up the bouquet. These are more reasons to why the bride should take extra care of her bridesmaids.

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Andrea K. Clark is a freelance writer who writes about weddings, communions, christenings and special occasion dresses.