Drink tea in moderation, be careful of "Tea drunk".
"It's better not to drink alcohol for life, not to drink tea without meals." Tea culture has a long history in China, and drinking tea has always been an important health regimen. But tea must be consumed in moderation, or it will not only be unhealthy, it may even become "Tea drunk" over time.

Huang Suiping, director of the Second Department of Internal Medicine of Guangdong Provincial Hospital of Traditional Chinese Medicine, introduced that Lu Yu's book "The Tea Classic" in the Tang Dynasty was the world's first monograph on tea. Green tea is good for clearing heat and diuresis, so people with a cold background should not drink more. Black tea refreshes the brain and lowers blood lipids. Its function is strong; scented tea is helpful for regulating qi and stagnation, suitable for drinking in depressed mood. Oolong tea can play a role in reducing fat and losing weight.

Drinking tea for "cultivation".
The health benefits of drinking tea have actually exceeded the role of tea itself. Tea tasting has become an art in China. People gather in teahouses, "water burns and tea scent", and chats freely, so as to reduce stress and also exhaust the depressing air in the heart. It is a good "psychological therapy". The set of rules and regulations formed in the process of drinking tea has been used up through the changes of the dynasty. The middle contains the heritage of traditional culture. Therefore, in tea tasting, you can naturally cultivate your sentiments, relax your mind, and cultivate your mind.

Dr. Zhang Huizhu of Guangzhou First Military Medical University said that drinking strong tea on an empty stomach or vegetarian diet after hunger, and people who seldom drink tea suddenly drink strong tea, which may cause drunk tea. The symptoms after drunk tea are palpitations, dizziness, weakness in the limbs, even standing instability, staggering walking, gastrointestinal discomfort, feeling hungry and so on.

As far as the varieties of tea are concerned, high-grade oolong tea is easier to get drunk. As for the way of drinking tea, drinking a lot of strong "Kung Fu Tea" is easy to get drunk. Physically weak people with kidney deficiency are more likely to get drunk. Often drunk tea will cause a lack of vitamin B1 in the body, make people lose their appetite, and reduce their physical fitness. Dr. Zhang suggested that eating vegetables or sweets and fruits immediately after Tea drunk can relieve the pain.

As mentioned earlier, drinking tea should not be too strong, tea contains caffeine, drinking too much stimulates the brain, and those who sleep poorly should pay more attention. At the same time, mothers, people with constipation, and patients with neurological disorders are not allowed to drink tea, and it is not advisable to drink tea when taking Chinese medicine supplements.

You also need to pick time for tea, which is better after meals and at noon, but it is not suitable to drink tea before meals and before bed. It is best not to have an empty stomach when drinking tea, because it will cause irritation to the gastric mucosa. It is best to eat a snack at the bottom. Tea should not be left for a long time, it should be drunk immediately. If you leave it for a long time, not only the fragrance and nutrients will run away, but bacteria will also multiply inside. Generally speaking it should not exceed 12 hours. People with weak spleen and stomach cannot drink green tea, and those with hot body should not choose black tea as drinks.

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