When we say beautifying, we mean the art of applying makeup and treatment for hair, nails, and skin to make a person appear more attractive. Cosmetology is a branch of studies that deals with beautifying a person. Professionals who indulge in making others beautiful are makeup artists.

People in the limelight and makeup

A lot of public figures pay a lot of attention as in how they look unlike the common mass. They need to appear like a million dollars to stay in contention for attracting more people to their show. The makeup artist that caters to such people are known as the celebrity makeup artists. You can contact the Celebrity Makeup Artist in Delhi if you have to appear on the evening show on television. They will make you appear attractive.

This beautifying has to do with cutting and perming the hair, removing blemishes on the facial skin, treating nails, and applying creams to the face so that one looks more beautiful. You can attend one of these beautification programs and become a makeup artist. This course is not so expensive and it does not take much time to finish. You might have to invest in your beauty kit at the start but once you do that you will begin to earn money. The main thing you need to apply makeup is brushes. There are many types of brushes and each of them has a specific use.

Special makeup on wedding day

The wedding day is a special day in one’s life. It marks the entry into womanhood for a girl and into manhood for a boy. One must look good on this special day because everyone that comes to the wedding wants to see how these main characters look. So, one makes use of a Wedding Makeup Artist in Delhi to get their show on the road (if they are marrying in Delhi). Choice of dress for the bride includes the lehenga cholis and Anarkali. These are usually in bright colors and the bride wears lots of jewelry that complement the makeup and dress.

A look at the different types of makeup shows us the layer by layer transition from the moisturiser to the primer and foundation at the base and then going up to BB Cream and Setting powder. Is this loose powder, setting powder, or finishing powder or what? Different types of makeup need different powders. So, that brings us to the concealer which might be a liquid concealer or a cream concealer. If you have dry skin you may even use a stick concealer.

Take a makeup course

Other than bridal make up, we have many makeup courses. The wedding makeup artist will also help you with tattoo makeup if you so wish. You can have permanent eyebrows done so you look more attractive. Cosmetology also deals with hairstyling, manicures, and pedicures. It also teaches us about the non-permanent and permanent removal of hair. We also learn about skincare and cosmetics.

Non permanent hair removal deals with temporary hair removal methods such as sugaring and waxing. The permanent hair removal methods deal with techniques such as Intense Pulsed Light and electrology.

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