Are you thinking of being a personal trainer or are you looking for one that helps you in your goals? If so, you should take a look at this article. Here you can find the characteristics that a good personal trainer must-have. You will know what to do for your client and what not. Let's see how is this figure of support for personal training! On the other hand, do not miss our Personal Trainer Course .

How to be a personal trainer
Whether you want to dedicate yourself to it professionally or if you want to know what qualification to demand from your coach, we tell you.

Nowadays, more and more people are interested in leading a healthy life. We have become so sedentary that at some point we would have to be interested in sports. And that moment is now. However, each person has different physical characteristics, tastes, time, etc. Factors that make the figure of the personal trainer booming in recent years.

This golden age of the coach is what makes more and more personal trainers proliferate without qualification or preparation. Unfortunately, it is something increasingly common. To be sure that a personal trainer is really reliable, the first thing to do is demand a degree that validates their knowledge. Thus, a master's degree to be a personal trainer provides the future personal trainer with the necessary knowledge for their work.

Qualities of a personal trainer
Every professional is a world, and this applies to any profession. You know that nobody is perfect and that's fine. In addition, a coach with certain characteristics can be great for one client and ominous for another. That said, it must also be said that these professionals must have a minimum of qualities to ensure a successful and efficient service. Some of the skills or qualities most valued in a coach are the following.

With passion for his work
What doubt fits? Between two well-trained professionals, you always have to choose the one that feels your job. It is his reason for being, he loves it and puts effort into everything he does. Each client is different and special and the skin is left developing each training plan. It also puts the whole mood to optimize each plan designed. Always looking for the way for the client to achieve their objectives successfully.

Intimately related to the previous one, this quality is basic to achieve success. Getting the customer to be involved to the fullest, give everything and reach their goals is a challenge. Here comes the ability to encourage and encourage the client, but also to be presenting increasing challenges and that the athlete wants to overcome them. In this way, success will not only be achieved, but will be accompanied by great satisfaction and increased self-confidence.

With feet on the ground
One thing does not remove the other. We must stimulate, motivate and pose challenges, but these must be realistic. The unrealistic challenges, far from stimulating anyone, end up discouraging. You have to find the right balance at the midpoint. Each client has its limitations and this should not be lost sight of. Designing realistic training plans, which contemplate the real capabilities of each client, will be a point in favor of achieving objectives.

With experience
It is clear that a client will always prefer an experienced coach. When he wants to put his physique into play, he wants to be in good hands. Therefore, the idea is that you have extensive experience. It is true that no one is born with her. It is also possible to choose a coach who, although he has no experience as such, is experienced in related fields. If you have extensive experience in sports and have practiced in your training, it may be enough for simple applications.

With extensive knowledge
Before you think it is obvious, we clarify what we refer to. It is important that, in addition to the knowledge acquired in your training to be a personal trainer, you have other additions. Knowledge in sports psychology, nutrition and health will be a plus for personal trainer. All this will allow you to carry out a much more accurate, detailed and professional follow-up.

Limited to your field
Limited to your field? And what does it take then to have more knowledge? It is a legitimate question, with a logical answer. Extra knowledge enriches the work of the professional. If you need to guide the client you can make recommendations. For example, if the athlete's diet is poor, he can make different contributions. Advice on hydration, choosing poorly processed foods, and other comments on the style can and should be given. However, you should not go further if you do not have specific training. Do not intrusive, but recommend another professional to the client, if it is considered necessary. Thus, you should not recommend supplements, medications, diets or anything that is not in your field of study.

Observer and analytical
The word "personal" that is part of the name of this profession has much to say about it. A personal trainer cannot design interchangeable and homogeneous work plans. That could be done by almost anyone and would be extremely cheap. However, a true professional must fully adapt to each client. Deliver unique workouts that contemplate many factors.

To do this, first of all, the professional will observe the state of the client, taking into account both physical and mental. So you can see your interests, if you are willing to change or have resistance or if you have any difficulties or special needs. This analysis will allow you to make a completely personalized plan that is really worth it.

It is essential that you can provide the structure that the customer needs. Many times he doesn't know what exercises to do. But, other times, you do have some unchained idea and what you need is structure and discipline. Therefore, this must necessarily be a quality that it has. In addition, it is essential that the entrant knows how to transmit this ability, offering the person a structured path to follow. All this, in addition to giving logic to training guidelines, favors the acquisition of habits by the client.

Model to follow
What would you think if your coach is not in top form, for example? Again, we agree that nobody is perfect. But if you don't take care of your body, your sports routine and your diet, how can you demand it from the client? Thus, although this feature is located at the end of the list it is no less significant. None of them is, all are equally important. Although, perhaps a good personal trainer could lack any of these qualities, you have to look for the full one. And the latter would be the perfect addition. Thus, customers, in addition to having a personalized coach will also have a model to look at. If they are required for proof, be constant. If they need to keep a specific rhythm, accompany them.

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