Becoming who you are meant to be is to set yourself up for success in life. It is allowing yourself to become not only the best possible you, but activating all the initiative related to your success. If we live our lives in the dark, pretending to be happy because we see success in a certain way, and yet do not feel it from within, we have not reached our true inner goal. Success is really about succeeding at who we are meant to be. Sure, we could feel like we are portraying success to the rest of the world by our actions, our beliefs, and what we have. But is it the real you and does it make you truly happy?
We may find ourselves going down a path we chose long ago; however, we no longer feel satisfied by it. It is empty and there is no true success to be found there. Each of us is meant for something and in that lies success, our future happiness, and our calling. What does success mean to you? Is it having a good car, a stable job, a house you can be proud of? Or are you looking for fulfillment in life, a completeness, and sense of satisfaction with what you do and how you live your life? You don’t have to choose; that is the amazing part. All of this can come together, but first you have to realize what is most important. Is it the objects or your happiness? With happiness comes the desire for less. With objects comes the desire for more, because they do not create real complete happiness in your life.
To find what belongs to you and where you belong is to simply step back from the life you have created. If it no longer satisfies you, then seek within for what will. What have you always questioned and wondered about in your life? What attracts you and sparks your heart? This is where you will find happiness, enjoyment, fulfillment, and success. When you are moving forward in life in the way you are truly meant to, financial success will follow, for you are doing what you are meant for. You are not struggling and trying to meet ends meet, but really living your life. And while doing so, you will find your happiness does not need to relate only to what you have and do not have. Instead, you can feel from within that you already have everything you will ever need.

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Adam Benedetto and Zoe Young are both dedicated to enabling others to reach their full potential in life, to help others release what is holding them back, and to find their true selves. Through years of experience and development, both have sought out the answers we all need to find peace, understand ourselves, and reach enlightenment.
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