Sometimes in life, we think we are being our authentic self. We get up in the morning, go to work, do what is expected of us and come home and then do what needs to be done and finally relax and go to bed. So many of us, day in and day out play this role 5 days a week and then the weekend comes and we finally get to be who we really are and enjoy.

Over the last week, I have spent a lot of time with senior managers who have shared that this is what they do. During my MBTI Practitioner training, many told me, that the choice they would really want to make, would be very different to the choice they did make, due to their 'work self'. Many stated "I would so love to fit work around play and still make money and have fun", so why don't we allow ourselves to do this?

Many of us conform to what we believe "society tells us". But honestly, when did society tell you directly to not be true to yourself? Is it society or a belief that you have given yourself about the role your SHOULD play in order to be financially secure?

There are no shoulds in life but only the should that you place on yourself. Living a life where the majority of the time, you are not being your authentic self, can lead to depression and other mental health issues.

True success in life is not about how much you earn, but whether you are living the lifestyle that truly makes you happy. If you feel you don't allow yourself the freedom to be you and do the things that make you smile, how can that be authentic living?

Open up yourself to the excitement of you - smile more, love more and don't sit there wishing you could do this but can't...our can't list only increases if we allow it. Destroy it and be you, your true self.

Author's Bio: 

Coach Rita is a qualified Life Coach, Law of Attraction Coach and Chakra & Aura Therapist. She has been coaching clients one to one and in groups for over 11 years and has a huge passion for personal development and developing our subconscious selves to align with our conscious selves.

Coach Rita is also currently completing her studies to become an MBTI Practitioner - Myers Briggs Type Indicator Personality test and feedback facilitator.

Coach Rita is the founder of the company Coach Rita and does some work with the National Health Service in the UK, coaching those with Anxiety and depression back into employment, as well as a freelance therapist at the Upminster Complementary Teaching and Healing Sanctuary, Essex, UK.