Healthcare industry is always buzzing with activity. As more and more people become health conscious, there is a greater surge in the number of lifestyle disorders too. Poor lifestyle and dietary habits can be attributed to the reason why most people are diagnosed with ailments like cardiovascular diseases, diabetes, PCOD, obesity etc. Needless to say, your patients may need you at any time during the day. Providing them with a round-the-clock service is the best way to earn their patronage and to ensure that they are always loyal to you. So how can you do that? We’ll tell you here in detail!

As a physician, you need to be available at all times. Since this is practically not possible, you can get doctor answering services who can work as an extension of your business and help your patients when they need expert assistance. Not only that, these answering services are trained to provide all kinds of support that will help you expand the scope of your business.

Here are some of the benefits of why you need to add doctor med services to your practice.

Give your patients personal care

When a call lands on a professional answering service helpline, then your callers are automatically patched to a well-trained agent who is genuinely happy to help. The agents are assigned to the calling queue in such a way that the patients are able to connect with a live agent with minimal wait and don't have to navigate the frustrating IVR at the time of emergencies. Not only that, these operators are bilingual, which means that each and every caller will be provided personalized care.

24/7 Availability

The most notable benefit of integrating answering services to your practice is that your patients will always have assistance just a phone call away. They are not restricted to the business hour window which means that they can seek expert help even in the middle of the night! The operator on the other end of the call is trained to handle emergency calls and will follow the right steps to ensure that the patients are directed accordingly. Apart from getting their prescriptions filled, the callers can also speak with their doctors in exceptional cases.

Security of patient data

Medical answering services are required to be HIPAA compliant by law, which means that they will always protect the patient data and information. They are also responsible for maintaining patient privacy. As a result, your callers are never reluctant to share their personal data because they know they are in the safe hands. All the calls and messages are handled with utmost secrecy and with respect to data privacy. With the right partner on your side, you can rest assured that all the patient information is being recorded accurately and as per HIPAA compliance laws.

Emergency Service

If your patients require emergency assistance, the medical answering service can either connect your patients to the right resource or call 911 on their behalf to send help their way. The agents are trained and informed about the standard operating procedure for emergencies and they work in accordance with that. Your patients are reassured that they will get the best care as they are always in the best hands.


All the agents on the other end of the call are trained to handle patient calls with expertise and empathy. They possess just the right amount of medical knowledge to assist your patients in the right possible manner. They are also aware of the medical terminology so that your patients feel like they are talking to someone who is also an expert in medical conditions and symptoms.

Get complete attention

Choosing a professional answering services to act as an extension of your business will give your patients the undivided attention that they expect from you. They no longer have to deal with one receptionist who has a dozen other patients and ringing phone lines on her hands. A live agent’s only job is to talk to your patients and solve their queries. Therefore, they focus on one caller at a time rather than juggling between tasks.


Get a team of highly efficient staff without the need to pay them salaries, employee benefits, or paid leaves. Your call center will take care of staffing and provide you with requisite number of agents as per the call volumes. So no need to hire additional staff and add on to your operational costs.

Medical answering services are meant to help all your stakeholders connect with you seamlessly and work in extension of your practice. These advantages coupled with many other make it an ultimate business solution if you want to grow your practice organically.

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