This type of healing is commonly referred to as energy healing.  It is said that involves the transfer of universal energy from the palms of the practitioner who is doing the treatment to their patient.  It first emerged in the late 1800’s in Japan.  Although there are some who are skeptic about this form of treatment it is growing in popularity.  It is thought to be able to treat many emotional states and conditions.  It is also referred to as hands-on healing or palm healing.

Reiki techniques

  • Clearing
  • Extracting harmful energies
  • Centering
  • Infusing
  • Beaming
  • Smoothing and raking the aura

According to the ones who do this type of reiki healing Abu Dhabi the healing benefits are mediated by channeling the universal energy.  This energy is said to permeate a person’s body.  Although it cannot be measured by any modern scientific techniques many who are in tune with this energy can feel it.

Healthy benefits

  • It can help to aid in relaxation, including deep relaxation
  • Assist your body’s natural healing processes
  • Help to develop mental, spiritual, and emotional well-being
  • Helps some cope with difficulties
  • Helps to relieve emotional stress
  • Reduce pain
  • Speed healing


Some of the conditions that a reiki session Abu Dhabi has helped with include:

Reiki is not a cure-all and will not cure a disease but it can help a person to relax.  If you are interested in a reiki session you can check with your hospital as is it now available in many of them.  There are some that may offer it for free, such as hospices as part of a palliative care.  For a private session it could cost from thirty to one hundred dollars. Make sure that if you want to try this type of healing that you look for one that is a professional and qualified in this field.  Before using this type of treatment talk to your family doctor first.

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