The traditional gutter is mostly installed without a leaf guard or gutter guard, so it is commonly clogged with leaves and other debris that adversely affect its operation. Without a rain guard, leaves and debris clog the gutter and prevent water from flowing out normally. Gutter covers such as the Gutter Clean System or the Gutter Installation Toronto prevent many breaks in the gutter and prevent costly damage to your home.
To help remedy this situation, here are some of the benefits you can expect

1- Finish the cleaning!
No more plugs! Without a rain guard, leaves and debris constantly clog your gutters and prevent water from draining easily. When you have a protection system, debris is deposited on the top of the Gutter Clean or T-Rex leaf guard and then blown away.
Gutter protector systems stop leaves and other debris from clogging your gutters so you do not have to spend your precious time cleaning up blockages or spending money on getting a professional to do it for you.
It also means that your gutters only need to be cleaned every 3-5 years, instead of being clogged twice a year.

2- Avoid rust
Gutter Clean protection systems stop your gutters from rusting prematurely due to moisture-laden debris sitting on them. This means that your gutters will last at least twice as long as they normally would without the leaf guard.

3- Prevent damage
Gutter Clean stops the blockages of your gutters that can overflow during periods of heavy rains. These overflows are dangerous because they can be the cause that allows water to enter your home and cause damage to your foundations. Gutters that overflow can also cause unsightly stains on the outside of your home.
Gutter protectors improve the flow of water through the gutters and your descents to stop blocking them. This is great if you have a water tank that fills with rain, as it means your tank will fill up more quickly when it rains. Your water will also be cleaner because of the gutter because it filters debris and contaminants.

4- No more intruders
The leaf guard prevents insects and pests such as mosquitoes, mice, cockroaches, spiders from breeding in the gutters. Gutter Clean significantly reduces the amount of standing water in the gutter and because there is little or no standing water, it becomes much more difficult and unattractive for intruders to use gutters as their breeding place. Gutter guards are also a physical barrier for rodents, birds, and opossums that may otherwise find their way into your attic.

5- Winter protection
As you have probably noticed, Canadian winters are very hard on the gutters. As a result, homeowners are always on the lookout for new solutions to make their gutter system more sustainable in the winter. T-Rex or Gutter Clean sheet protector systems are often considered an alternative, as they also strengthen your gutters while protecting them from leaves, snow, and ice.
As gutter protection systems do not come in a universal model, some of them are better designed to withstand the added weight of ice and snow. In winter, gutters help prevent frost. If the water is trapped in a gutter during the winter, it can freeze and cause a blockage, which can lead to the infiltration of water into the house

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