Some personalities don’t need an introduction. It is said that some people are born genius and Bentsur Joseph is one person. An Israeli visionary, Bentsur Joseph has been the driving force behind some of the most innovative projects to strengthen the Israeli military and save lives.

Bentsur is a serial entrepreneur and the founder of A2Z Advanced Solutions Ltd. a company that focuses on unmanned robotics and other advanced lifesaving technologies. Bentsur’s company has been supplying its innovative technology to the Israeli government as well as other top-tier firms over the past 30 years.

Bentsur, through his A2Z Advanced Solutions Ltd has saved many lives with incredible inventiveness. For those who have not yet heard of A2Z Advanced Solutions, here is a small introduction of the company that Bentsur has founded and which has gained immense recognition with its innovative approach in the field of unmanned robotics.
The company was founded 30 years back and since then it has worked with many branches of the Israeli government, including the IDF, Police, and Israel Railways to develop and service advanced electronics and robotics. The company caters to a who’s-who of world-renowned clients. It’s fair to say that Bentsur’s company is at the forefront of military innovative technology to create and engineer technological solutions.

Bentsur Joseph is a one-of-a-kind personality. What has set him apart is his vision and the passion that brings him to find solutions that save the lives of thousands of Israeli military personnel. He is keen at continuing to advance and bring innovation in unmanned robotics technology to practical use, because he knows Israel is caught up amidst the war zone and his efforts can save the lives of numerous military personnel who face untimely deaths. Bentsur therefore works with advanced robotics and groundbreaking technologies that can be used in war zones and reduce casualties. A unique mobile battery pack was also invented by Bentsur, which is currently used by the Israeli military for almost all field units, which is currently being modified for commercial sale across the globe.

Bentsur is on a continuous spree to patent and develop ever more of his inventions. Some upcoming new projects include a technology that stops vehicular fires after a collision, a holographic wall that reduces accidents, and a high-tech car cover.

Now Bentsur is focused on expanding the business in international markets because there are many countries around the world that need unmanned robotics innovation. He is very keen at developing products that are easily adaptable to military as well as civilian markets worldwide.

He wakes up every morning with great zeal to achieve the goals he has set yesterday. Much like Warren Buffett, he is a calm and non-ostentatious person. It is quite evident in the way he speaks and acts, being very down-to-earth and friendly to everyone he comes across. When talking about success he says, “success is freedom, and the meaning of freedom is to do whatever you want, live life the way you want, and do so with people you love the most”. According to Bentsur, success doesn’t mean living a lavish life, but it is about being fully content with whatever you have and whatever is around you.

He loves football (or Soccer as Americans call it). “You need to work smartly and strategically” he says. “enjoy working, enjoy making this happen, and enjoy employing others and helping them achieve their dreams and goals. We can let the robots work all day—but for the humans, it’s important to make the workplace a place where one can use their talents to the fullest’—and, as Warren Buffett says, tap dance to work!”

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