Getting the 6 pack abs is a dream to many and why shouldn’t it be? The 6 pack abs look impressive. You must be looking for the best abs exercises all over the internet and might be confused between what exercises you should do to get those sharp abs.

Of course, following the hardcore diet is the priority but doing the right exercise really matters a lot. Fitness is not all about just diet but the knowledge about basic and advanced exercises as well.

We are going to guide you about some basic and advanced level best abs exercises that will surely be going to help you in getting those sharp abs in no time.

What Exercises Should You Do to Get The Finest Abs?

First of all, if you are looking to train your abs then you need to know one thing that the core muscle is also trained by the compound exercises such as; bench press, deadlifts, etc. but obviously, they don’t give you the abs you want.

The core or abs muscles are divided into three parts. The upper abs, the lower abs and the oblique. Different exercises hit different muscles. 

Let’s find out some best abs exercises.

Upper Abs Workout:

Following are the best upper abs workout routines

Dumbbell Crunch

For doing this exercise you will have to lie on your back and hold a weighted plate or a dumbbell in your hands across the chest. Raising the torso then lowering it slowly will create tension in your upper abs. maintain the tension throughout the set for maximum muscle breakdown.

Modified V-sit

Lie with your legs holding a bit higher from the floor and make sure the legs are completely extended away from you and should be parallel with the floor. 

Keep your arms straight by your sides and remember your arms shouldn’t touch the floor as you will have to keep them a bit high then start raising your torso and bring your legs in and bending the knees slowly so that your chest can meet your knees at high point then slowly lower them and keep constant tension on the core muscle.

Lower Abs Workout:

Below are lower abs workout exercises you can do.

Hanging Knee Raise

Start doing it in a dead hang, slowly raise your knees strongly in order to put the maximum tension on the lower abs muscle. Start lowering your knees back unhurriedly to prevent swinging and activate maximum muscle fibers.

Hanging knee Raise Twist

Start doing the exercise in a dead hang position with your legs straight and knees together pointing to the floor, slowly twist your body and raise your knees to the one side and then return to start in order to raise your knees to the other side.

Core Workout for Obliques:


The plank is a basic yet effective exercise to strengthen your core and get those sharp obliques. Maintain a strict plank position with your hips and holding the glutes and core locked. Keep your head and neck completely relaxed. Start breathing deep and slowly. Hold the position for as long as possible for maximum muscle activation.

Dumbbell Side Bend

Stand straight with your feet-hip width apart. Keep your back straight and hold a dumbbell in your right-hand palm will be facing towards the torso. Activate your core and slowly bend to the side as deep as possible but remember only at the waist. Hold for one second at the bottom of your range of motion for maximum muscle tension then get back to the start position. Repeat the same form with the left-hand side.

Final Verdict

Looking for the best abs workout routine? Then you have come to the right place and we will provide you with the proper guidance along with the finest routine possible.

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