Post-WorkOut meal is taken immediately after the completion of exercise/workouts. This meal is a vital factor in the development of the body. A high amount of protein should be intake during the post-workout lunch.

Here are some of the best and effective post-workout meals for you.

1. Turkey or Chicken
post-workout meal
Turkey and Chicken provide the highest amount of proteins to our bodies. This meal will stimulate muscle protein synthesis and improve the recovery of muscle. It also helps in enhancing the performance of the next workout routine.

The body will have sufficient protein intake from turkey, which helps in quick recovery and development of muscle. You will see speedier progress in your muscle growth with this post-workout meal.

2. Egg Whites
post-workout meal
Egg whites contain the maximum amount of protein of the egg. A single egg white contains 6 grams of protein. So egg whites are the best way to increase the amount of protein to your body. It is the best way for protein intake after heavy workouts.

3. Salmon Fish
post-workout meal
Salmon contains omega-3 fatty acids,s which helps to reduce the post-workout muscle inflammation. A high protein of salmon helps to quick recovery of muscle after a workout.

4. Protein Shake
post-workout meal
A protein shake is meant to intake right after the finish of workouts. It immediately uplifts the growth of the muscle. It reduces the chance of muscle damage or muscle tear. Protein Shake is the quickest way to heal tissue after the workout.

5. Tofu and Broccoli
post-workout meal
Broccoli and Tofu contain the maximum amount of protein among all the vegetables. Tofu and broccoli are essential items for all the vegetarian people and also to non-vegetarian.

6. Oats Meal

Oatmeal is best for both pre-workout and post-workout meals. It contains high carbs and proteins needed to our body after some intense workouts. Grain provides energy to our body after getting exhausted from a workout and also adds up protein to our collection.

Comment down your favourite post-workout meals.

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