Gold is the most appealing element for jewellery making for both men and women. It is better known as the yellow metal. It is appealing primarily for its colour and the happy shade it exhibits. A hue of gold to complement your look will make you classy and will enhance your looks in many ways. The word “gold” itself signifies purity, weddings, occasions, festivals, etc.
Gold is extensively and exclusively used in making all jewellery designs be it chains, rings, earrings or necklaces. There are numerous necklace designs in gold paired up with different precious metals. Gold is widely used in various necklace designs. Gold can never be out of fashion and so here we will take a look at some latest necklace designs in gold that will make you look more beautiful.

1. Simple Gold Necklace Design:

The elegance and beauty of gold can be perfectly captured in this simple gold necklace. The necklace need not be very elaborate in design but just needs to be pretty yet simple in appearance. It can just be of a simple pattern like a leaf, buds, flowers, or any abstract design. The chain can be a bit thick for the gold necklace which will make the pattern stand out and give a nice fall on the neck.

2. Heavy Gold Necklaces:

Pure gold heavy necklaces are bound to be in focus, whenever someone is thinking and talking about gold necklace designs. Heavy gold necklaces are a must for festivals and especially for weddings. Most brides are seen to wear some heavy and beautifully crafted gold necklaces. This type of gold heavy jewellery blends perfectly with pure silk Kanjivaram saree.
The pure shine and lustre in this gold jewellery design sets it apart and gives it a grand and beautiful look. The necklace beautifully rests on the neck adding to your charm and charisma. Teamed with other long chains, earrings, etc. these heavy gold necklaces complete the final look of a bride.

3. Light Weight Gold Necklace Set:

Gold jewellery set usually includes a simple gold necklace along with the matching pair of earrings. The lightweight gold necklaces are usually worn for casual functions, small social gatherings, or can be for daily wear too. The pendant and earrings are not very heavy. They are very delicate and lightweight.

4. Kundan Choker Gold Necklace:

Kundan jewellery is a work of expensive stones in gold handcrafted with a lot of precision and fine accuracy. It is very popular and important jewellery in gold necklace designs for weddings and other traditional occasions. They add a special charisma to your personality. These chokers are heavy and usually preferred by women alike. They look beautiful with expensive stonework in pure gold and give you a royal look.

5. Gold and Ruby Necklace Set:

Gold with ruby is a classic combination. Gold with its finesse and lustre blends perfectly with the shine and brightness of classy rubies. They are a must-have piece in one’s jewellery collection as they go superbly well with any outfit or occasion. This perfectly crafted and designed piece is a preferred choice for many brides. It is grand and stands apart due to its colorful property.

Jewellery, whether simple or intricate display its own sheen and beauty. Try out a range of designs and collections at Ranka Jewellers and choose from the various latest necklace designs we have presented. Pair up your jewellery with appropriate clothing and you sure will have heads turn your way.

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