From a spellbinding natural charm to history that intrigues everyone, Lima boasts it all. What also helps the Peruvian capital in luring globetrotters is a never- ending list of attractions. Besides magnificent cathedrals and captivating palaces, its countless museums are something that tourists can’t afford to miss. At a stone’s throw from each other, these insightful sites give a peek into the regional history, art and culture of Peru. Start checking out Copa Airlines flight deals and gear up for your perfect Peruvian history exploration at these wonderful museums.

Larco Museum

Nestled in a mansion hailing from the 18th century, Larco Museum leaves a great first impression with the aesthetic gardens in its surroundings. Stepping inside, visitors get to learn the 5000-year history of Peru through an incredible collection of artifacts. The best thing about the museum is that it keeps the door to the Storeroom open to visitors so that they can admire its incredible collection. Larco Museum is reason enough for a true history buff to make Copa Airlines flight reservations to Lima.

Gold Museum of Peru

If you like shiny objects or precious metals, then plan a trip to Gold Museum of Peru and prepare to get enchanted. The museum puts on display the craftsmanship of the bygone era. In ancient times, the Peruvian people were celebrated for their skills with metals. And the museum is aimed at preserving this heritage. The Museum’s collection of elaborate crowns and intricate neckpieces will amaze you in the most unbelievable way.

Museum of the Nation

Museum of the Nation is among the most elaborate museums in the city of Lima. At any given time, the museum has on display more than 15,000 artifacts. It is noted for its ensemble of relics belonging to the Nazca, Wari and Moche cultures. Do you still need more reasons to start looking for the best Viva Colombia flight deals to Lima?

Lima Art Museum

Art connoisseurs rejoice as the city is also home to the Lima Art Museum. Its permanent exhibit of over 1,200 pieces is merely a fraction of its astounding collection of more than 17,000 artifacts. The highlight of the museum is its assortment of Carlos Baca-Flor masterpieces which is considered to be the most complete set in the world. Reason enough for you to check out Viva Colombia reservations to the Peruvian Capital?

Museum of Italian Art

The only museum dedicated to European art in Peru, Museum of Italian Art is a storehouse of classical and contemporary paintings and sculptures belonging to the 20th century. Adding to its appeal are the works of several local artists that have been put on display. The property is easily accessible by a short walk from Lima Art Museum.

Museum of Natural History

Last but certainly not the least is the Museum of Natural History. Giving a glimpse in to the rich biodiversity bestowed upon Peru, the museum has on display the skeletons of a sperm whale and fossils of several mammals. So, start looking for cheap airline tickets to Lima and get ready to explore a wealth of history in its captivating museums.

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