It is natural to panic on dangerous situations but if you have extreme fear even on normal situations, then you probably have a panic disorder. This disorder is a very disabling condition and it can prevent you from your daily activities and from enjoying life. Those people with severe panic disorder are even afraid to go out. There are natural remedies for panic attacks that can help you deal with your disorder.

Of course it is best to consult a mental health professional if you cannot handle your panic disorder on your own. You doctor may prescribe anti-anxiety drugs to help you manage your panic disorder but drugs have its side effects and sometimes it is more difficult to be dependent on drugs. Natural remedies for panic attacks can also help you manage panic attacks. Here some ways to deal with panic or anxiety disorder naturally:

Drink plenty of water. Water is very important to keep our body and mind healthy and functional. Dehydration can cause increased anxiety and fatigue that could lead to panic or anxiety attacks. One of the best natural remedies for panic attacks is to hydrate yourself properly. Drink 8 glasses of water everyday.

Eat a healthy diet. The food that you eat plays a vital role on your physical and mental health. If you are physically and mentally healthy, you can function well and you are capable of controlling your mind and body to prevent panic attacks. Eat a well balanced diet with plenty of fruits and vegetables.

Exercise regularly. A daily exercise is beneficial not only physically but also mentally. It helps release your stress. A common trigger of panic attack is stress and one of the most common natural remedies for panic attacks is to get active or exercise regularly. Relaxation technique like deep breathing is also good in releasing stress and managing anxiety attacks.

Think positive thoughts. Most people who have panic disorder have extreme fear about something that does not exist. It is important not to give in to your intrusive thoughts. Keep a positive attitude and thinking. Tell yourself that everything will be fine and nothing bad is about to happen.

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