Whooping sales is what every business wants. To stand in this competitive world, one has to be accustomed to the best practices as well as the best platforms.

What is SEO?

SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization. Every website has to be at the top of google’s search engine. Generally, websites appearing on the first page are viewed more as compared to the websites lying on the back pages. Don’t just create the site and leave it on Google. The only good looking website does not give you fruitful results, if anybody wants to have a website for high selling as well as if they want their site to reach more and more people if creating the awareness about the site, digital marketing is what people go for and it is the most effective solution as well. SEO services can be taken from the SEO experts, there are affordable SEO packages as well as eCommerce SEO packages to generate good sales.

Why is SEO important?

Now, more than 90% of the activities start with a search and high traffic is generated with the help of SEO. You need your products to be found easily, so you have to consider this important factor “SEO”. your store’s entire efforts will be wasted if you will not consider the SEO factor.

The main aspect to consider for digital marketing is SEO.

Now, there are a number of platforms on which you can have your website, but the most popular, widely used and enriched with lots of functions are two: Magento and Shopify.

Magento is the most scalable as well as widely used eCommerce platform to use nowadays. Visually appealing designs, seamless checkout, and attractive offers aren’t enough anymore for Magento Web development! When we talk about the larger as well as the most well-known businesses, Magento is at the top. The most known brands like coca-cola, as well as Ford, are using Magento. The best part of Magneto is it offers it’s users the flexibility for any feature they want. Hire Magento developers for making SEO friendly Magento.
When it comes to select the best SEO platform, Magento is highly rated.

Magento’s SEO features

●Magento is a user-friendly platform with user-friendly SEO features.
●It offers hassle-free as well as custom SEO.
●You can have the choice of the server as it is a user-friendly platform.
●You can customize the store design for user-friendly SEO
●It allows you the independent page title on other pages than the home page.
●Easy to create an SEO friendly strategy for maximum output.
●It is solid SEO platform with everything you need.


Shopify is an eCommerce platform available for all the eCommerce owners to build their online store with more user riched experience. If you do not have any type of coding experience, you will not have to worry as Shopify does not require any coding experience in the starting.

Shopify’s SEO features

●It allows editing in SEO friendly ways.
●It has a set of SEO options, not so advanced, but basic
●It makes SEO experts optimize the structure easily.
●It allows to edit the meta tags as well as optimize the pages nicely.
●Your Shopify SEO will limit to the server configurations as it is self-hosted.

Own URLs
Magento allows you to create independent URLs. some platforms do not have this option, but if you have your site build on Magento, you will be able to include any keyword also in the URL, which makes your site more SEO friendly. Do not go with the long URLs, it will affect your site’s ranking.

Page title
Many websites generate the automatic page title, but if the title is made keeping in mind a keyword, it will be the best SEO friendly title.

Meta descriptions
Text attracts! Yes, if you have the meta description nicely written, it will be beneficial for you. A very important factor to consider. It allows you to create your own meta description.

H1 headings
The title which appears on the page whether it is a product page or category page is the H1 heading. The title can be selected on the basis of keywords so that whenever anybody searches that, it will be among the top lists on google.

Domain name
The domain name of your website is your company’s name. Keep the domain name on your own.
Apart from the above, Magento offers a lot of customizations that can be best for SEO.

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