Doing Revision is a good thing but creating an exam plan is also a very important part of exam preparation. So it is very important for you to understand the importance of optimizing writing technique and speed, also how hard you have studied, how well you know your syllabus all these things comes together and then you will able to score high marks in exams but while you are doing these things many thoughts come into our mind and later they turn into fear and this fear leaves your brain completely blank. So this is very important for students to leave these anxieties and fear of exams.

Exams Preparation Tips

Know your strengths and Weakness

Right at the moment when you know your exams are coming you start preparing for your exams and schedule your time days wise but remember many students don’t focus on subjects that they know well. Students rush for those subjects in which they are not so good well that’s a good strategy but in starting time when you have a month for preparation then first complete your subjects in which you are good also use NCERT solutions to read the right answers and then start studying your weak subjects. So in the time when you have only one day for revisions, you will quickly remember the answer and till that time you will have a good grip on your weak subjects.

Study with Different type of Question out of NCERT Books

As maths is one of the subjects which scares the most students so it is important that you study maths closely and start focusing on CBSE sample papers also that why you will have a good idea about what is coming in these exams and what type of question you should study also CBSE sample paper have very different variety of questions which help you improve your maths fundamentals.

Create Notes for Important Questions

In exams times you read and solve so many questions and it is hard for you to know which question is impotent and which is not as depending on the probability which question will have high chances of coming in exams. Create a notebook where you will put all your important questions and answers so in the time of revision you don’t do struggle to find important questions.

Remove Fear of Exam Hall

It is necessary to remove your exam hall fear as you walk in the exams hall and when you sit on the desk you start feeling like you are forgetting question answers and many thoughts start running in your mind and later when your question paper is on the desk and your brain got blanked out right at that moment and this is one of the reasons why your exams do not go so good and if want to score high makes in exams then remember when you sit on the desk take a deep breath and start analyzing the question paper do not waste your time in hard questions it is important to solve every question but first focus on questions which are easy and you know the proper answer and later then start the hard question that way you will have high probability of completing all question.

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