Dirty carpeting should be a concern for every carpet owner. This is particularly true when you are a parent in a home filled with children and their furry pets. Or when you are an office manager who notices continuous foot traffic on the carpet floor. Nonetheless, cleaning carpets and maintaining them can be quite easy if you are familiar with their fabric and texture.

Types of Cleaning Methods and Techniques

Like everything else, carpets also require constant care and maintenance. Weekly and even daily scheduled cleaning is not enough on its own. But in today’s fast paced world, who has all the time in the world to figure out what works best for their carpet? There are dozens of solutions for carpet problems whose use differ with various fabrics and textures. Our today’s article will discuss the best ways to clean all types of carpet and stains in residential and commercial premises.

Learning The Basics

A regular vacuum cleaner does not have what it takes to deep clean carpet floors. Soil and dirt particles get trapped within tiny fibres of carpeting. This is bad for you, your pets, your children, your family and friends, and your office staff. All these bacteria and germs act as sources of allergen and sickness that can knock out anyone for a day or two.

How to Make your Home and Office Environment Healthier?

First of all, you need to learn the basics steps of carpet cleaning and maintenance. To begin with, let’s take a look at different types of soil particles we see in carpeting.

A skilled professional carpet technician knows what he is up against. He knows all about the enemy of your carpet, but so should you. Having a working knowledge of how to clean carpets will pay off in the long run. One should not be in the dark about basic sciences of their own home décor.

Regardless of the fabric and texture, you can find three types of soil in your carpeting. Read on to find out what they are and how they affect you.

  • Dry –

    The most commonly found grime on carpet floors is dry soil. When left attended, more than thirty pounds of dirt and soil can build up in a year. Thirty pounds of soil! According to experts in this industry, about seventy five percent of debris in your carpet is most likely dry soil. Each individual particle in this category can be smaller than the period at the end of this sentence.

    Due to its gritty and arid nature, dry soil can cause your carpet floor wear out prematurely. This should be avoided at all cost unless you want to replace the entire carpet investment before its due lifespan.

    Your best shot to prevent accumulation and build up of dry soil is a buying a powerful vacuum cleaner with strong suction and HEPA filter system. After all, what’s the point of cleaning your carpet if your vacuum cleaner release the dust back into the air?

  • Wet –

    Next, there is wet soil. Anyone who has worked or lived around carpet floor knows how irksome dealing with wet soil can be. We have all spilled wine, juice, or coffee on the carpet at one point or another. And it comes off as no comfort looking down and seeing your beautiful carpet marred with spills.

    The best way to deal with wet soil is to clean them as soon as possible. The longer you allow a spill to sit on the carpet the harder it becomes to get rid of it. It is highly advised to act quickly and jump into action. Do whatever needs to be done as soon as the spill occurs. One more reason to be cautious of spills is their ability to wear off your carpet fibres over time.

  • Oily –

    The next enemy on our list is oily soil. This debris is pretty discreet and can be noticed only when it builds up to a great extent. People living in industrial cities can often see this debris build up from exhaust fumes and soot. Cigarette smoke in excess can also contribute to this dirt build up.

    Owing to their tacky characteristic, oily dirt is very sticky and requires a lot more determination to remove. It is also harmful for your carpet as oil can wear out your carpet fibres under right circumstances.

Carpet Cleaning Services

Different Types of Carpet Flooring

Now that you have learnt about different types of contaminants in carpeting, let’s focus on how to deal with them. But before moving on to that, we need to discuss the various types of carpet flooring.

First and foremost, we recommend buying a good quality wet/dry vacuum cleaner regardless of your carpet fabric and texture. It should be used for day to day general cleaning. Regular vacuuming can help in increasing the lifespan of your home décor investment. However, merely vacuuming the surface is not among the best ways to keep your carpets clean. Read on to learn how to take care of your carpet based on its fabric and material.

Nylon Fabric Carpet

Nowadays, nylon carpet has become a popular option among millennials owing to its myriad of choices. If you have ever researched before buying a carpet, you know that nylon takes the cup when it comes to available options. Nylon fabric carpets are not only available in several colours but also score high on stain and dirt resistance. In addition to that, the texture retention of nylon fabric is simply unbeatable.

Nylon carpets are available in a wide range of prices. Depending on your preference for texture and quality, they can cost anywhere between a few hundred to several thousand dollars.

There are three basic rules applicable for keeping a nylon fabric carpet clean and fresh.

First rule, regular cleaning. Vacuuming plays a major role in improving the lifespan of modern nylon fabric. If dirt and dust is left unattended for a long period of time, it will act as sandpaper against its soft fibres.

Second, jump into action as soon as a spill occurs. You need to be swift in cleaning up carpet spills. You can’t afford to dilly-dally on Carpet Stain Removal.

Lastly, you must schedule periodical professional carpet cleaning and restoration. Professional technicians are required in order to deep clean the carpeting. Note that professional cleaning is required at least twice a year for nylon fabrics.

Polyester Fabric Carpet

Every type of carpet fabric has its own weakness and strength. Even though nylon is a popular choice among most carpet owners, there are many other fabric options to try and choose from.

For instance, there is polyester fabric. An exceptionally spill and stain resistant pick, polyester is a fabric type worth considering if you plan on buying a new carpet. It not only has a soft texture but is also pretty cheap.

Granted that nylon carpets are comparatively more robust, it doesn’t mean that polyester carpets cannot hold their own in battle. In the end, it all comes down to quality, which is determined by pile density. Whichever one you choose, make sure to weigh out all the pros and cons before making your final decision. This will make sure you buy a carpet that can serve you in the long run.

Cleaning and maintenance of polyester fabric carpet is pretty much the same as nylon. However, here you need to give greater focus on soil and dirt particles. As we mentioned earlier, polyester carpets are exceptionally good at repelling stains. But this makes them more prone to other debris.

Vacuum at least two to three times a week. Make this a fixed part of your schedule. As for professional services, hiring carpet technicians for deep cleaning every six months should be adequate.

Polypropylene Fabric Carpet

Next carpet fabric on our list, we have polypropylene. Polypropylene carpet is made of intricately dyed fabric and is popularly known as olefin. A notable feature of this carpet is that it does not absorb any liquid. While this proves to be a lifesaver against spills and stains, it necessitates a unique pigmentation technique while putting the colour into its fibres while being manufactured. The carpet colour is firmly embedded in its fabric. This makes polypropylene the most fade resistant option in our list. However, it is not as resilient as polyester or nylon when it comes to dirt and soil particles.

We recommend buying polypropylene fabric carpets only if you plan on placing them in low foot traffic areas. Maintaining these can be a headache if you aren’t experienced in Carpet Cleaning Adelaide. Therefore we suggest scheduling periodical professional cleaning to help you deal with them. It goes without saying that regular vacuuming is a must.

Wool Fabric Carpet

A luxury in their own way, wool carpets are made of durable and natural fabric. Wool is also one of the smoothest carpet options you can find in market. But before you fall for its soft fibres, you should note that pure wool carpet is the least durable of all. It does not guarantee fade resistance, it cannot repel liquid spills, and removing dirt and soil with a regular vacuum cleaner is next to impossible in this.

We strongly recommend leaving the cleaning and maintenance of woollen fabric carpets to professional technicians.

Carpet Steam Cleaning

Choose The Right Professional Service for your Carpet

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