After doing a lot of research, you finally managed to get your dream home in a desirable location for example, a flat in a happening location near Garia station.
The next task is to settle down.
And one of them is decorating your new house and making the best use of the available space. Making your room look bigger is a challenging task.
There are always a set of must-have things like sofa and dining table which occupy a substantial space. So, how can you make the most of the spaces so that the room looks spacious?
Here are some really cool ideas that help you to organise your home space.
a)Lighting- A shade of elegance light can do wonders to your room appearance. An elegant and big chandelier makes your room big. Since it hangs from the top, you can make the most of the ceiling.
b)Walls that Matter- A partition wall not only paves way for a functional area but also increases the number of rooms. You can use beautiful wallpaper on the walls to segregate your rooms without compromising on the functionality and elegance.
c)Dining Room is a Mandate- There is a common misconception that dining rooms occupy a considerable amount of space. But you can easily organise it to make the best usage of the available space. It has a separate function which often reduces down the compactness. Instead of devoting an entire room for that, what you can do is to opt for a compact dining table along with some foldable chairs.
d)Fold is the New Trend- Just like any other field, the architectural field has also evolved due to technological advancement. And foldable furniture is the next big thing. Be it folding bed or folding sofa, you can definitely save a lot of space using foldable items. Use it when you need it and fold it when not. Simple and effective, that’s it!
e)Use Small Tiles- This is one of the most intelligent ways of making your space big. Each tile looks like a step. And by reducing down the size of tile, you are simply increasing the number of tiles. This looks like more steps and the rooms look bigger.
f)A Ceiling Rack- Utility or space utilisation, a ceiling rack is second to none. A ceiling rack is very important if you have a small apartment. You can keep a variety of things in these racks. This frees up the ground pace which you can leave open or decorate.
g)Decorate Smart- There are so many options when it comes to decoration. But you need to play smart. Make sure to leave out open spaces or else it looks very clumsy. Plants can be an excellent way to decorate your house. Silver Dollar Plant or Chinese Money Plant looks great and are very easy to maintain. If maintenance is something that doesn’t bother you then you can opt for an aquarium. An aquarium consisting of colourful fishes can enhance the beauty of your room in a matter of seconds.
Dream Big Dream Better
Buying a new home is one of the major decisions in a person’s life. It has life-long implications. So, why settle for small?
The modern-day apartments are simply one of a kind. Spacious rooms and a range of amenities certainly make life better. Bid farewell to hacks and tips that will make your room look bigger. Instead, settle for big rooms. Be it a modern-day flat near Garia station or EM Bypass, the new-age flats developed by top real estate builders come with abundant space and loads of amenities. Take your pick after researching the market thoroughly. Always opt for a builder who has long and good track record I the construction space.

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