Sorting through all the muscle building and weight loss supplements on the market can take some time and be a daunting experience. Every commercial and every ad claim that their product will strip away fat or pack on muscle like magic. You may have tried many of these different products and have come to the conclusion that none of them are effective. The truth is, there are a lot of great supplements, but they are hard to find amid the mess of other, less than useful, products.

If you are looking to burn belly fat and build lean muscle there is one supplement that stands out and is back by research. It's called Conjugated Linolenic Acid or more commonly known as CLA.

CLA is a naturally occurring free fatty acid which is most often found in meat and dairy products. Because it is natural you know this supplement is coming from food sources, not manufactured in a laboratory somewhere. CLA's role in the body is to help speed up the body's fat metabolism. What this means for you is that that more fat is flushed out of the system rather than getting deposited in the cells for a leaner waistline and hips. An added bonus of this fat burning supplement is that it also aids in lean muscle growth.

One of the most fascinating things about CLA is that it has an effect on the body even if the person is not exercising or eating a healthy diet. A two-year study showed that after just one year, people taking 3.4 grams of CLA per day reduced their body fat by about nine percent and at the same time they increased their lean muscle mass by two percent. Keep in mind that these were just the results seen in untrained people.

Just imagine how much more CLA could benefit your body if you also incorporated a healthy diet and regular exercise!

For great results I personally recommend adding 3 grams per day of CLA to your training regimen. This supplement usually comes in 1 gram capsules making it easy to spread out throughout the day. The best way to use it is to space it evenly during the day: take it once in the morning, once in the afternoon, and once again in the evening. Combined with a training schedule and a good diet, CLA is really going to help you build muscle and reduce your overall body fat.

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