Better body image makes it much easier to lose weight for all of the right reasons, researchers have found out. Sustainable weight loss is much more than just going on a diet or following a rigorous, restrictive regime. It involves a changed mindset and the right kind of motivation.

Many people, even individuals that have lost significant amounts of weight, maintain a negative self-image. Weight loss hypnotherapy is one great possibility for accomplishing that intrinsic change and experiencing happiness through body transformation.

How Better Body Image Affects Weight Loss

The results of a new study were published in the International Journal of Behavioral Nutrition and Physical Activity. Spanish researchers have established a solid connection between positive body image and the effectiveness of weight loss plans.

Participants in the study were divided in two groups. Members of the first group attended group sessions during which exercise and healthy nutrition were discussed. Members of the second group learned about positive body image and how to overcome personal barriers in order to lose weight.

The volunteers that learned about positive body image were much more capable of controlling food intake and they also became less concerned with their body shape. Members of this group lost seven per cent of their original weight. In comparison, members of the first group lost only two per cent of their original weight.

Better Body Image through Weight Loss Hypnotherapy

It is much easier to lose weight with hypnotherapy than with fitness or diet plans. The fact that positive body image is in the heart of this therapy is one of the factors that contribute to easier, sustainable results.

Therapists use several techniques that improve self-perception and make individuals much more eager to change. Positive messages that replace harmful and self-destructive habits pave the way to weight loss success.

A hypnotherapist will also work to enhance self-esteem and help clients to better understand the health needs of their bodies. Once this internal transformation takes place, making better nutrition and exercise choices turns into a fun task rather than a burden.

Several Additional Tips for Changing Body Image

While undergoing the weight loss hypnotherapy, you can also attempt to change your self-perception in several additional ways.

Pay careful attention to your internal dialogue. Do you talk to yourself in a positive way or do you seem to be putting yourself down all the time? Your internal dialogue should feel like having a conversation with a best friend. Make a conscious effort to eradicate negative thoughts and the idea that you cannot accomplish something or that you are not worthy of change.

Focus on how you feel rather than how your body looks. If you feel healthy and happy, you will be much more satisfied with your appearance, as well.

Finally, acknowledge everything positive about yourself. What are you proudest of and most grateful about? If you have difficulty discovering such aspects of your life, you may want to share the feelings with your hypnotherapist. Together, you will work on positivism and happiness. Weight loss is something you should be excited about. It all starts with your thoughts deal with your inner saboteur first!

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