What is Hadoop?

Hadoop is computer software used to process data. Hadoop is open source software, available for free for anyone to use, that can be scaled for use with small data sets on just a few computers to massive computers using large groups of computers. The beauty of Hadoop is that it is designed to recognize and account for hardware failure. Tune the processing load to available resources, reducing downtime. The Hadoop software library is developed and maintained by The Apache Hadoop project, and the top companies around the world use the software for both internal and targeted applications. to the client. Top companies using Hadoop include Adobe, Ebay, Facebook, IBM, and more.

Learn Apache Hadoop with online courses

Experience with Apache Hadoop open source is a must for anyone interested in working in the field of Big Data. Introduction to Apache Hadoop is a 15-week self-study course by the Linux Foundation on prwatech that covers deploying Hadoop in a clustered computing environment, building data lake management architectures, data security, and more. This is an excellent course that provides hands-on Hadoop training, along with experience in setting up a Hadoop instance and using it to manage and process data.

In the Microsoft Professional Program Certificate in Big Data, students will use Hadoop technologies such as HBase, Storm, and Spark to implement NoSQL data warehouses and streaming analytics. Learn how to process Big Data and create analytics solutions in Hadoop using Microsoft’s Azure HDInsight.

Jobs that require the Apache Hadoop domain

The Internet of Things has created a huge need for people with skills in handling large data sets. If the world of Big Data is on your roadmap, the skills and experience with the Hadoop framework will be an important asset when applying for jobs. To give you an idea of ​​what’s out there, Indeed.com lists nearly a thousand jobs on Hadoop with titles like Hadoop Linux Administrator, Hadoop Database Development Team Leader, Hadoop Engineer, and Hadoop Developer.

Explore the opportunity that Apache Hadoop has for you

Take an introductory course on Hadoop and see if a career in the fast-growing world of Big Data is right for you. Many courses are free, self-paced, and available now so you can enroll today. You are just a click away, take the opportunity and learn about the hadoop ecosystem. Prwatech is the leading Big Data Training Institute In Bangalore, professional certifications and MicroMasters on everything related to data science (structured data, data processing, the visualization of large volumes of data, data storage, different file systems and much more. plus). On the platform, you will also find courses on machine learning or big learning, big data, apache spark and the different programming languages.

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