Big Family? Here's How to Find a Great Photographer

One of the big joys in getting everyone together is the chance to take photos we can enjoy for years to come. If you're hoping to get your large family together, you'll want to record this event for the future in a shareable format. Finding a photographer who can see the big picture is critical!

Check Websites for Inventive Angles

Your large family will need special handling. You need to find a photographer who can handle finding great shots at outdoor venues. They need to be fearless about trying extreme angles, and who can get everyone laughing and in the frame at the same time.

Whether you and your clan are meeting at a campground, in a community center, or on the family homestead, you need to work with a professional who can capture individual stories as well as the big group photos. Consider working with a photographer who can spend the day with your family to capture intimate moments, such as those captured by popular Minneapolis wedding photographers if you live in that area, and you have a family wedding coming up that you need a good photographer for. Every story is worth celebrating.

Consider More Than Price

A new photographer will be less costly, but they may not have as large a portfolio. If you have a good recommendation of a photographer who captures more than just the staged face-forward grin, find out their hourly rate, what options they have for creating an online portfolio, their references, and how your family members will be able to see, buy and share the photos.

Look for Inventive Gear Use

If you can find a photographer who will come to you, be sure to check out their gear. Yes, you want some intimate shots of grandma with the youngest baby. You will also want some big group photos. If you know a photographer who has drone capabilities, make sure they pack the gear they'll need to get some really big photos of the whole clan together.

A young photographer just starting out may not have an office or a gallery, but if they have the right gear and a sense of adventure, you can get amazing photos from a novice photographer who draws out the best from your family members.

Check Your Expectations

If you want everyone to wear red shirts and blue jeans for a photo day, someone will show up in yellow. Putting together a properly coordinated family photo may be an exhausting nightmare if your family isn't great at following directions, or just doesn't care about a Pinterest-worthy photoshoot.

Keep your eye on the big goal. You want photos that show genuine joy at the chance to get together. Hire a photographer who's unobtrusive, light-hearted, and willing to hang out and wait for great shots that can serve as keepsakes as the years go on.

Don't Forget the Tip

Of course, you're going to pay your photographer. There may be an hourly rate for their attendance for the day, and there will likely be an image charge or a packaging charge at the end of the process once the photos are developed and loaded onto the web portal. Be ready to give your photographer a cash tip for their contribution to your day. A fun, friendly photographer can get kids together for a photo that will age beautifully. They can get adults laughing for a bright, fun photo that will stand the test of time. They can get your oldest family member to do something silly for a world-class action shot that you will treasure.

Prepare Your Family

Be aware that your photographer will have some up-front costs. Their gear isn't cheap. They will need to spend gas and time finding your venue. They may have to hire an assistant to help load, unload, and haul equipment. Make sure your family knows there will be a professional photographer on sight and that the photos will be available, for purchase via an electronic portal, once the photos are developed.

Your large family photoshoot can be amazing. You will need a photographer who's willing to be flexible and spend a lot of time with your clan. Do your best to get your family to loosen up for great shots that everyone will enjoy in the coming years.

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Katie earned a BA in English from WWU and loves to write. She also adores hiking in redwood forests and photography. She feels happiest around a campfire surrounded by friends and family.