The concept of bioenergy is a subject widely debated upon by scientists. The Western sciences have often found themselves helpless before nature and its phenomena, in their attempt of explaining natural manifestations and human existence.

Trying to fight and deny the concept of bioenergy, many scientists have lost their credibility when they proved themselves that treatments by acupuncture, bioenergy and herbal medicine are perfectly viable; moreover, they restore the functions of the human body, curing the sick organs and even different stages of cancer. Within the last 200 years, science has validated the ancient truths of traditional medicine.

The concept of bioenergy has been widely debated upon, thoroughly searched and explained by the scientists. Moreover, as they always do, the academic world felt entitled to deny a truth of nature and of human existence. Ideological currents were even formed that are trying to destroy this concept as one inconsistent with the reality and one that does not reflect the reality.

Medical practice of the Chinese and the Indian cultures have used this concept for thousands of years. The fundamental idea of the traditional medicine practiced by these two civilizations is that bioenergy, the energy of life, runs through the meridians. Along the meridians there are also biocenters. They control and distribute the energy through the body according to the needs. It is a belief that used to be shared by the Mayans, too. The experience of the three civilizations as well as the practice of traditional medicine nowadays prove that any disease occurs as a result of blocked energy centers.

The more serious and deep the energy blockage is, the more severe the disease, and therefore the treatment will be more complex. As viewed from this perspective, even severe disorders are curable: the vital energy once restored, the affected organ or organs recover their normal energy and physiological pace. The inner energy fuses with the external one (at the level of the charkas), and the human body is completely balanced.

The European culture and philosophy systems do not take these concepts into account. People and scientists are more reticent when it comes to acknowledge the concept of bioenergy, although countless examples and results have been provided along time, all of them backed up by solid arguments, proving the existence of energy meridians and the good effects that traditional therapies have upon the human body. The Western system of beliefs accepted to assimilate these concepts in the last two centuries and to acknowledge the fact that the Chinese, Indian and Mayan traditional medicine has valid philosophical and therapeutical systems, by means of which any disorder can be treated, irrespective of the severity of the case.

The Austrian Wilhelm Reich was the first European scientist who accepted and saw the depth of these civilizations’ beliefs. He experimented and studied the concepts of the Asian traditional medicine and proved their credibility for himself.

On the night of November the 5th 1933, Hitler’s personal guard sets fire to the archives of the big German cities. It is then that all the books written by Jewish authors are burnt, all of Reich’s reference books among them, without taking into account the rich case histories in them, or the genuine scientific thesaurus Reich had brought from Tibet. Author Wilhelm Reich’s only guilt was that of being Jew. Three more of Rech’s books are burnt in this cultural massacre, books that he and Sigmund Freud had written together. Subjects of psychoanalysis and the benefits it has upon the human psychic were debated in these works. The fascists thought the works were a gross hoax. Yet time and history have proven it otherwise.

The aura is the energy field surrounding the human body. It can be seen by initiates, hypersensitive individuals or by certain animals. The fact is certain that as far back as a man’s mind goes, analyzing his past, as far as that stretches the possibility of seeing his aura, because the aura is seen in colors. We can also see towns and people and animals, nature or other things in color. But what we come to realize with difficulty is that we see the color first, and then we locate in memory what we want to see.

Each person’s aura is made up of pleasant and soft hues of blue, green or red, surrounding the shoulders and the head. The concept of aura is fundamental in understanding human communication. People communicate by color combinations done in the aura. The communication process is accomplished and the interlocutors get on well together when the color combination is a right one. Disagreements and conflicts occur as a result of wrong combinations.

The aura also shows the fate of each individual and his health condition. Any discontinuity in the energy, functional disorder or alteration of physical and mental health is visible as changes in the chromatic scale of the aura.

This field, the aura, is present in all the species: in nature, in animals and in birds. In some it is for sustenance and in others it is for development. The human aura is egg-shaped; its field measures between 2 and 3.5 cm. The aura of evolved persons is unlimited, which means that they can communicate with their fellows no matter how far. The aureole (halo) is what we see in evolved persons during their telepathic communications; it is a snapshot of the aura during the process of information transfer, seen by ordinary people. In this context, the expression “I saw the aura of a saint” is understandable.

Human aura is made up of several layers. However, only two are visible to the human eye. The first is close to the body, the second one surrounds it – the so-called “chi” in Chinese culture, “prana” in Indian culture or the astral body. The aura is often visible around fingers, palms, feet, around head and shoulders. The chromatic scale of the area head-shoulders starts from hues of blue to white, and a black line can be seen towards the border. The aura of the body is 1-2 cm wide and 7 cm long.

A breach in the field of the aura will cause pathological manifestations in the body, because the energy body is disturbed as well. The energy structure of the aura can be restored and rebalanced by traditional medicine therapies. However, it can also be done by changing the way of thinking, of living, of perceiving and of understanding life. The meridians of each being communicate with the human charkas, which are in the shape of geometrical figures. The charkas are part of a system that links the earthly, the astral and the divine dimensions. It is a philosophy worth studying.

The energy comfort, the continuous stability of the energy system and, consequently, the proper functioning of the internal organs, of the metabolism and of the immune system as well, may be achieved by a faultless, decent, balanced living and by a properly balanced aura.

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